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Dice Sculptures by Tony Cragg


So this is definitely

jaw dropper of the day. How impressive are these dice sculptures by Tony Cragg?

Artist Tony Cragg recently unveiled the sculpture you see

in the first 3 images

at FIAC 2011 in Paris. You can see more sculptures here.

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Via Colossal



  1. exelent…

  2. REALLY nice, is there a pattern to the numbers on the dice or is it aesthetic?

  3. beautifully inspired sculpture.
    I love the mundane objects being transformed into wonderful artworks

  4. Coolness. It’s a geometric trip. Add color and you could help shape the universe.

  5. Wow. Would’t it be cool if there were some sort of encrypted message in these?

  6. It’s incredible what a little imagination can do!

  7. The encrypted message is “6”.

    These sculptures first impress me, then depress me. (then undress me, stupid sexy dungeons and dragons)

  8. Brilliant concepts + execution, love them all…

  9. This is amazing. I love your concept.

  10. This would be great if you could encrypt or create like an embedded message on it or something.

  11. Lovely. There are so many different types of die I would love to see more and with colors

  12. Nice idea, especially with black and white dice.