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Hi guys! Are you still out there? pay for essay So it's been about a whole year and a half, since I published my last post. Since then I've been pregnant, become a mom, been on maternity leave and is now back a work. I guess somewhere in the middle of it all, I lost track of updating But I've never stopped keeping myself updated. And so, I think has had it's last update, but if you still want to be inspired you can follow me over at Pinterest Please come join me! XOXO Cecilie zp8497586rq

Jean-François Lepage | Photographer


French photographer Jean-François Lepage has some amazing photographs in his portfolio. Love the way he uses color. buy cigars online usa Via Mood Proekt zp8497586rq


Maddie On Things | A Project About Dogs & Physics


By far the cutest and coolest ongoing photo series I”ve seen in quite a while! The tumbler “Maddie the Coonhound” is a photo series by Atlanta-based photographer Theron Humphrey who’s traveling to all 50 states, dog in tow, over the next year. Via Colossal  


Ekaterina Koroleva | Illustrator


I”m in love with the beautiful watercolor illustrations by Berlin-based graphic designer and illustrator Ekaterina Koroleva. buy essays online buy cigars online


Photographer Hal | Skrink Wrap


Macarbre, surreal and yet very fascinating photos of skrinked wrapped people by Japanese photographer Hal. paper writing service Via Buamai zp8497586rq


Sky Series by Eric Cahan


The very beautiful “Sky Series” by Eric Cahan needs no further explanation. Hilther Hills NY – Sunrise 6:52 am Manzanillo Costa Rica – Sunset 5:09 pm Palm Beach FL – Sunrise 6:33 pm buy reading glasses online Pacific Heights San Francisco CA – Sunrise 6:35 am Punta Cana Dominican Repulic – Sunrise 6:58 am Venetian Causeway FL – Sunset 6:54 pm Stevens Cove Block Island – Sunset 7:41 pm Via but does it float zp8497586rq


Matthieu Belin | Photographer

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Amazing graphic b/w photos shot for Qiu Hao F/W 2011 Serpens by photographer Matthieu Belin. buy prescription glasses online Via Moodboard zp8497586rq


Lorenzo Oggiano | Quasi-Objects

I am loving the shapes and colors of these 3D prints. Very bubblegum-ish. write my essay “Quasi-Objects” by Lorenzo Oggiano is an art project consisting of 3D generated videos and prin ts. Via but does it float zp8497586rq


Amy Rodchester | Newcastle Festival of Dance Posters


As one of my readers, Jan, pointed out last week, I sure had a long Christmas break from blogging. So true! But I”m back and with happy news too, even though it may lead to, me not posting as reguarly as before. There”s a little something I”m expe work at home jobs cting in August and that means I”m reading not-so-cool-baby-stuff-blogs instead of just design and art blogs at the moment. Still I hope you will be reading my posts in the future. buying cigars online I”ll start the week with these gorgeous and original 3D posters that Amy Rodchester made for the Newcastle Festival of Dance. Via design work life zp8497586rq


Christmas break


Hi guys. My work load have increased at bit during the past month or so and it will not soften down in December. Therefore I”ve decided to take some time of from bumbumbum. Because I want to give it all I got, when I”m lasix compresse blogging. Otherwise it wo uldn”t be bumbumbum. adobe acrobat free download I”ll be back in January. Have a great Christmas, everyone. And thank you for an excellent 2011. zp8497586rq