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Ryan Berkley | Animal Illustrations


Ryan Berkley is a talented illustrator from Portland, Oregon. A big part of his portfolio are these witty and immaculate animal illustrations.

When I first saw Ryan’s illustrations, I could almost imagine the personality of each of the portrayed animals. So when I saw that Ryan has created a individual profile on the animals, it just made them even better. Find the delightful profiles on his Etsy site.

Via We Find Wildness


  1. Oooooh! I wish the world were really like this. I think…

  2. WOW I LOVE EM so much!!! I swear :D:D:D: They’re so good.

  3. How come they’re all guys?

  4. delicious! extraordinary!

  5. Because no one wants to see a girl animal dressed nicely. That doesn’t make any sense. Besides they wouldn’t be able to pose for a portrait because they should be in the kitchen

  6. The bear in the fedora is worthy of a t shirt.

  7. I think the shark is my favorite.

  8. the shark is a bad ass businessman

  9. Whoever painted these is a great artist but, what’s with the trying to make them human by dressing them up. They are animals they don’t want to be seen in clothes. But, if you must you should have put them in old comfortable t-shirts and shorts. That would be a little more believable. Because who would hire a shark?

  10. They’re not all guys; that last one is clearly a Grizzly Bear Carmen Sandiego. Maybe you’re the one with the gender issues.

  11. Nancy you are an idiot. No one wants to hear your stupid remarks on such good artwork. No one asked for your opinion in the workplace. This would have never happened if you were in the kitchen making a sandiwich like your supposed to be doing.

  12. I sure love how people (branden) have the XMAS spirit and Merry Christmas to you to branden : )

  13. awesome stuff.

  14. Okay, look. branden, I agree with you almost completely The almost comes from the fact that you think women can’t do anything and are made to serve men. And Nancy, you’re an idiot. Seriously. You are. And I would hire a shark.

  15. The bear reminds me of kuma form tekken

  16. Men rule and girls drool. Neener-neener-boo-boo.

  17. Pierce, you wouldn’t even be here if not for women, so seriously, just STFU.

  18. wow some of you are misogynistic pricks, seriously get a grip you’re not funny just ignorant and rude and i think its quite sad that you seem to think women belong in a kitchen.Believe it or not times have changed and women are actually allowed out of the kitchen and into society now stop being controversial cunts and get a fucking life.

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  20. just another dumb leftist scumbag and he’s not even good at that.

  21. they are some of the presidents!

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  23. Hey, women in the kitchen remarks are jokes. Get over it.

  24. What did you paint these with?

  25. Hey Ellie, people who still think like that in 2012 are jokes.

  26. Hah, these pictures are good. Even somehow a little bit funny :)

  27. great work … great ideas …. kudos loved the Cheetah made me :-)

  28. hahahaha amazing

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