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Emma Hack | Bodypainting


I must admit that bodypainting is not one of my favorite artforms. But the amazing work of multimedia artist Emma Hack, made me think again.

Through 21 years Australian artist Emma Hack has evolved from being a children’s face painter and qualified hairdresser and make-up artist, to a body illustrator and visual artist of world acclaim.



  1. But the amazing work of multimedia artist Emma Hack, made me think again.

    Through 21 years Australian artist Emma Hank


  2. Emma Hack. Thanks for the heads up :-)


  4. Ohhh shit, Emma Hack is awesome!

    These are really impressive.

  5. Really cool stuff, Emma!

  6. Always emphasizing the twat, love it!

  7. Exquisite work, so many hours of painstaking details, in order to achieve stunning work
    Although it makes me wonder why, anyone would want to bother body painting models to such an extent, that they become almost invisible
    Is the background also hand painted?

  8. Love it !

  9. Lovely patterns, would like to have my lover step out of the wallpaper from time to time and then step and blend back in. Have done some theatre make up in my youth and think your work is quite amazing! Hope you do well!

  10. Hurray for photoshop

    not all of it but some definite work done to make it soooooo amazing

  11. What knockers!

  12. Love it! you and your models must have some serious patience. The 1st picture I think is best as it took a while for me to realise that there was a gorgeous woman standing there.

  13. Why?

  14. […] […]

  15. {..}Awesome creative pattrens {..}

  16. I wonder if she did paint them of it they’re just stuck between the walpaper and the wall

  17. i cant fap to this…..cause i cant see em!…..

  18. Thats so awesome… So creative!

  19. must’ve sucked being that model.


  21. Love your work; great idea,, great execution

  22. one word: brilliant

  23. Brilliant work … made me sit up and think, simple and pure art


  24. Emma’s work is 100% hand-painted models in front of either Florence Broadhurst Wallpaper, or other hand-painted backgrounds. Having seen her work “in the flesh” so to speak, and having worked with her websites over the past 6 1/2 years, I can guarantee there is no photoshop involved. She’s a unique and talented artist and a beautiful person to boot. Check out her site for more details and more of her work.

  25. […] Bumbumbum. This whole blog seems to be filled with amazing eye-catching design, art, and ads, but I am automatically directed to a particular entry about body painting. And it’s jaw-dropping. Who knew it could be so visual, stunning, and beautiful. I look at each picture in awe, thinking that Garden State should have made use of this artist. And off I go again… […]

  26. These paintings give a new meaning to the word art. Very well done. I especially like the bird on the hand.

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