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Calgary Farmer’s Market | Open All Summer


These very well executed ads for Calgary Farmer’s Market made me smile. Love the idea! The campaign was designed as a compliment to the ‘Open all winter’ series.

Made by WAX Partnership, Canada.


  1. I LOVE IT ♥

  2. Nice ones

  3. hehe this actually brightened my day..very nice concept..i would go to that market everyday if i had to, not to mention that the fruits look really fresh and mouth-watering mmmmm mmmmm…

  4. Incredible carvings too!

  5. So cute!

  6. Isn’t the purpose of a Farmers’ Market to promote the sale of locally grown produce? Funny, I didn’t realize pineapple were grown in Calgary.

  7. those are some serious ads, amazing

  8. I was just there this afternoon! Wonderful ads

  9. Thanks for posting! I really enjoyed the report. I’ve already bookmark this article. Very interesting!!

  10. Whether or not the produce is native to Calgary, or the fact that I don’t really eat much fruit… This is a pretty cool advertising idea. I have to hand it to the brains behind this one because I had a good chuckle at the kiwifruit. At least my poor fruit knowledge suggests to me it is a kiwifruit.

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  13. The watermelon one is pretty cool!

  14. this is awesome…someone must really have a steady hand ô.Ô

  15. awsume advertisement… i really liked it…

  16. Love this. Absolutely and ingeniously awesome.

  17. Very cool, love wit in advertising.

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  19. Ho-ho, very original :)

  20. good campaign….idealization is superb .

  21. Wait, where’s the phone number, and website and street address and the contact information of some random person noone is going to call…and why’s there all that negative space? And shouldn’t there be some pictures worked in of the actual farmer’s market? Maybe some children to show it’s family friendly?? What about logos/plugs for all the vendors and for the farms where the produce comes comes from? What about specials? Why aren’t there any snipes and starbursts showing what a great deal you can find at the farmer’s market?

    Sorry…having a bad client day. Beautiful ads.

  22. Все очень интересно!

  23. Soft-core fruit…. What, no bananas?

  24. Cool!!


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  30. Great idea. Made me smile too.

  31. Creative & Brilliant! :)

  32. soooooo many melon puns.

  33. melons seem very attractive.

  34. I love these ads, I wish I could get away with simple and brilliant ads at work, but alas everyone wants to clutter up your work… the only complaint I have is, I would change the color of the text, unless its just my computer, but I have a hard time reading it because of the white. Anyways great ads

  35. Can’t believe I missed these. Nice ads; very creative.

  36. great work :)

  37. This very good design and very funny
    Thankyuo for this ideas

  38. This is so cool. I’m going to send it to my friends. Love the last pic.

    See, farmers markets can be cool and with the time ;)

  39. Fresh taking on marketing right there. Pun intended.

  40. So

  41. As though any of those fruits grow within a thousand miles of Calgary. Farmer’s Market? Really?


  43. So awesome! stumbled…

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  45. Amazing for summer days thanks

  46. Was disappointed to see only three examples. Nonethless, twos nice

    Mistook the last ad as a bikini top, surely I wasn’t the only one …

  47. hahahah..Really nice.

  48. Funny, none of those fruits actually grow near Calgary.
    I guess it’s tough to advertise with canola or beef cattle dressed in bikinis….

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  50. It’s so cute!

  51. Is Alberta growing these fruits now? Next to the oil sands?

  52. Clue in. This is a winter campaign. They’re advertising that they’ve got summer fruits in during the winter. Even if Alberta could produce such fruits they wouldn’t be growing them in the winter! Jeeze.

  53. Great ads, looks really refreshing.

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  55. So fresh

  56. yummmy :)

  57. To all those wondering about these fruits being grown in Calgary:

    Your face.
    (We grow it in Calgary too)

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  59. Wow very creative :D

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  62. It’s so cute!

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