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Yang Yi


This amazing and breathtaking photoseries by Chinese artist Yang Yi, was taken as a personal memoir of his hometown before it is completely gone. Yang Ti has been personally affected by the Three Gorges Dam project along the Yangtze River, which has claimed many Chinese cities, farmland and historical sites.

“In 2009, it will be among the last settlements to be evacuated of people and submerged under the waters of the Three Gorges Dam, uprooting its inhabitants forever. Kaixian, the 1800 years of my childhood home’s history, expunged”.

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  1. It reminds me a bit of Atlantis :)

  2. I know. Me too : )

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  4. Photoshop? Of course or of course not?

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  7. brilliant!

  8. Amazing!

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  10. Really strange photos to my eyes, but a wonderful way to bring this city once again to life.

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