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Heike Weber Installations


Utterly amazing installations by Heike Weber. She draws with permanentmarkers on acrylic floor and walls – surfaces that have reached up to 600 m2.

I can’t begin to imagine how time consuming these breathtaking installations must have been.



  1. That is amazing, very nice

  2. i think being in one of those rooms might make someone go insane.

  3. I disagree.

  4. WoW! Now that’s cool dude…

  5. WHOA. Just too trippy. I love it!

  6. Very interesting. Think it could make me slightly sea sick.

  7. It’s a bit surreal, almost a 3D effect, circa early Windows screensavers. I wonder if people who visit these installations are permitted to walk upon floors that have been drawn on in such a manner? It seems to me that the proper effect can only be had from the middle of the room.

  8. … … … Wow. can you do my house????

  9. I’m getting dizzy, but in a good way. Very cool patterns.

  10. makes me dizzy/nauseated! Powerful , and I mean in a good way – don’t want to sound negative. ‘Triangulation’ invokes sea-sickness for me. Jeez, great for a disco in Amsterdam!

  11. Awesome! Must feel strange to walk on them…

  12. Very cool. Almost hurts the brain.

  13. […] I like living. I have sometimes been wildly, despairingly, acutely miserable, racked with sorrow, but through it all I still know quite certainly that just to be alive is a grand thing – Agatha Christie Heike Weber Installations 2010/04/22, 8:30 pm Filed under: Fun, More than a 1000 words | Tags: Art, Heike Weber Installastions, Modern One of the most amazing things I have ever seen. He draws with permanentmarkers on acrylic floor and walls. Like the girl in the other blog said ”I can’t begin to imagine how time consuming these breathtaking installations must have been.” […]

  14. This made me think of this artist I found on deviant art. Sick stuff.

  15. i want to that some dank tabs and fry balls there∆˚ø¨•¶ƒç˜˚≥

  16. Breathtaking! :)

  17. everything is coming in waves and from all sides. nuclear. molecular and
    cellular layers. modular wave-hierarchies. epi-phenomenon of the
    ground-of-being of all other grounds-of-being. in a fractual involution. the
    reversal of evolution. becoming is absolute. time is dying a slow death. the
    eschaton is near. i’m into an ideational singularity: propelling towards the
    neuro-galatic center, the transcendental nexus of self and world. a cosmic
    junction where on a physical level: matter and anti-matter merge into each
    other. into emptiness and on a psychic level god and self are inextricably

  18. Heike is a female name…

  19. Thanks for the heads up!

  20. Really amazing art on this website:


  22. I will paint my room like that!

  23. astounding art very creative and original.I like it!

  24. I want to trip balls in all of those rooms!!!!!

  25. mesmerizing and amazing

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  27. I love them all. Maybe i will get that done in my garage when im older :)

  28. acid anyone?

  29. Erwin,

    it makes me sad that I do not know you. =P

  30. I was amazed to see this. I teach art in a middle school and we have been doing this project for years and the students love it. Our 7th grade students use markers on white paper. They will get a kick out of seeing this on a larger scale. Very cool to see what they do in class out in the world.

  31. I don’t understand what is so breathtaking. The only real quality this artist has is patience. And lots of it. My little sister does this to everything she puts a pen to. It’s not a skill. Patience is the skill people.

  32. Pretty amazing! I love the one that simulates water inside a building. A great optical illusion. Let me tell you, what she does is not easy!

  33. beautiful, I love it all.

  34. it’s possible you have taken more acid than i have.

  35. fuck fuck yeah!!!

  36. just time consuming, it reminds me some workshops and homeworks that we did at first class of university and primary school. both of them were drawing exercises. the same of them, except we were drawing on paper. soooo where is the creativity part of this “work”?? believe me even u draw awful lines, at the end it becomes sth. good. try!!

  37. Clearly shopped.

  38. trippy shit :D:X

  39. trippin on acid sounds like a good idea…it really wants to make my house like this.

  40. Cool, but I couldn’t stay in a place painted like that for too long. I would be wanting to shoot someone.

  41. wow, really trippy, the only bad thing is that if you live there for a long time is possible you go nuts and end up killing a bunch of people. Anyway is really cool

  42. sweet…

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  44. i hope those are covered with some type of sealer
    it would be a shame for someone to smear those patterns

  45. fuck! soo sick but i so had this idea! wtf this world is too damn big!

  46. Awesome :) where is this?

  47. Lost in patterns… amazing

  48. Dude! Sweet!

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  50. There is a brilliant contrast between the installations you create vs the buildings you put them in. I really like your work.

  51. boring. i will like the artist more than the art i hope…

  52. OH,, beautiful, but i think ill die if i get in x_x

  53. imagine doing shrooms in these rooms!

  54. Wow! The depths to which this concept speaks! Moved my mind from doodles to Tao, Seuss to Sagan. Love it!!!

  55. I’ve been doing this for years, but never on such a scale.

    Good Show Sir. Good show.

  56. I think if you where rolling or like tripping this would be the perfect place to be.. However did this had to be on something..

  57. Are any of these the Objective Room in That Hideous Strength by C. S. Lewis?

  58. ACCCIDDDDD!!!!

  59. Lovely! The pictures are amazing, and I can only imagine how it would be to actually go into the rooms

  60. wowwzzaaas!
    talk about a flashback n a half
    i love doodling around with sharpies but those must take her days upon days upon days


    check it /

  61. Would love to dose here

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  63. Wow, insanity. Awesome stuff…

  64. this is amazing! i had to do this in one of my art classes on just a small piece of paper…i cant imagine doing all that VERY painstaking work!

  65. i think the effect would be lost if the room was no longer empty, little details like people and furnishing would dilute the effect. my favorite is the blue wave floor. that one seems so right, and not at all nasty to live with like some of the others.

  66. if you were high you would not want to go in these rooms

  67. Very nice.
    Very, very nice.

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  69. If my house were decorated like that, I’d not want to furnish it for fear of hiding the beauty.

  70. Makes me feel a bit sick!

  71. Awesome stuff. Really like the black and white.

    Anthony Pittarelli

  72. oh lord, can you imagine going into those rooms on a hallucinogen?

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  74. they are amazing!!!!

  75. omg i want that in my room or my house lol

  76. beyond excellent

  77. I’d like to see what she can do with post-its.

  78. These are incredible. Totally mind bending!

  79. Unsettleing in a way that effective art is and yet strangely beautiful.

  80. I can’t see the point of doing all that work, enjoying the result for a few minutes, then spending the rest of time slowly going crazy. It would help, of course, to be crazy to begin with, thus eliminating step three.

  81. Totally mind blowing designing………. But not suitable for my home.

  82. tripping balls in one of theses rooms would be a experience

  83. It takes more than patience. It takes vision, historical relevance and guts to do this to a gallery. Critics are forgetting that the space also has a context, and the visitors are also a consideration. This would be a fascinating experience.

  84. that would be a trip if you ate mush in that/ those houses

  85. Es muy sublime e intenso el trabajo realizado por el artista, me agrada bastante el estilo…”AWEVO ESTA PERRISMO, ES LA ONDA, PÁ PINTAR UNA GALERIA”……..

  86. My art teacher in elementary school taught this project. Whenever i was bored for whatever reason I would experiment with it in almost every color, with words as the guidelines, two separate lines, etc. Up until seeing this picture I almost forgot about it because I haven’t had the time to do one since highschool. I love seeing it put to use and it reminds me of something I used to love that I should have never forgotten

  87. Requires a near insane attention to meticulous linework. I could never do something like this.

  88. if i was acidic, and i walked in there… i dont know what would happen. xD

  89. fucking stupid. doodling for grownups

  90. definately for some ellllllllllll eeeeeeeesssss deeeeeeeeeeeeee

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  92. nice….but….. :)

  93. AWESOME!!!!! but after a while i think it’d drive me nuts n make my eyes bleed lol
    but sweet nonetheless :D

  94. wow! awesome!

  95. i wish my room was like those

  96. I think we share some common threads, (brain to brain). Thanks for posting! :)

  97. i love these pictures !

  98. OMG I absolutely love the last one, the blue one!!

  99. can you say boomers

  100. whats the point?

  101. The original point view the curves to flexing in the classic design

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  103. How very interesting, i’d like to have a room like that in my future hyper-size manor.

  104. I think I would kill myself trying to do that

  105. Amazing !

  106. Trying to describe this with words would be like trying to describe an orgasm,can’t be done.It is one of those things that must be experienced,which transforms these creations from mere pictures into true art.Like someone else said,I am sad that I don’t know you.Thankyou for the experience.

  107. Pat Tompkins say just true !

  108. Wow! Incredible work and such patience!

  109. Wow! That’s crazy! I couldn’t imagine living in a house with walls and floors like that~ it would make me dizzy! lol! Great work though~ amazing!

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  111. incredible work!

  112. Just got two word words for: F***ing Awesome!

  113. That must have used up a lot of sharpies

  114. Insane man ! The designer might be in a pub or something , drinking beer or something , would be high , dancing/jamming/headbanging ! This design is noway usable in decent places like bed/drawing/dinning/passage/showcase/foyer/ceiling/kitchen. nothing.

    Pathetic Design, nothing better than an Art piece.

  115. I like the rooms between the lines beeing big and small, feeling me lighly and dark …

    Great Work!

  116. the level of genius that goes into creating such design…. well done

  117. it would be awesome to have that in my room, but i think i would go insane.

  118. I love it and I love magic markers. She must seal it with some kind of varnish ’cause from my experience magic marker tends to wear/fade off. Wonder if my husband would let me marker our house?,…Hmmm

  119. This would drive you potty being in these rooms.

  120. I had some friends that would do art work somewhat like this with permanent markers…they were really amazing, I could see them doing something like this…but it wouldnt just be squiggles….it would be many things all collaged into one.

  121. Wow! That’s amazing! I wonder how long one room usually takes… I would never have that kind of patience! Really breath-taking stuff!

  122. Striking work, Ms. Weber, well done.
    Erwin, you give blather a bad name. (fractual?)

  123. mushroom roooms!!!!

  124. being on mushrooms in this house would be doooooooooooooope, especially since we’re on mushrooms

  125. awsome!!! i wish i had that in my bathroom haha like in the shower and stuff]

  126. Amazing! Not suitable for everyday living. Perhaps just the ceiling, or the floor. I want to see a Really colorful room!

  127. Amazing. Utterly breath-taking. Reminds me glimpses of time warps and spectrums. Great effort = great masterpieces ;)

  128. This is beautiful, beautiful work. She is an amazing talent (the name is female, folks). Yes, a bundle of patience went into it, but the planning to get the illusions of waves, crowds of veiled people, etc just right is phenomenal. And if you were on acid, there is no way you could produce work this fine – this took stone-cold sobriety and deep thought. I’ve already linked it to my facebook page – I’m working on getting is as much exposure as possible.

  129. I can

  130. I’d love to have one of these in my room.

  131. These are incredible! I can’t even imagine how long it would take to do this!

  132. Fantastic, love it

  133. Yea I don’t really see the point. It’s not beautiful, it’s just a bunch of wavy lines done with a marker. If maybe there was some real art involved, I wound find it nice. Can’t imagine the smell, though, and the headaches.

  134. if i had a house, this is what id use as a template to design it by.

  135. Looks cool so far makes me dizzy :-( this would make me disorientated I believe :-)

  136. Woahh ahh-mazzinnn can you do my room???

  137. Looks great.

  138. I really want to trip on lsd in one of these rooms; it would be great

  139. i agree with crazyperson…lol

  140. I like this…..good life post, pics, videos all free, have fun…

  141. Holy crap, I have a headache now.

  142. Amazing what someone can do with a marker…or two… wonder how many were used to do these designs?

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  144. wow. that is all i can say.

  145. do my house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  146. Thanks you for sharing. I really like this. Have a nice day!

  147. Do you know your site is recommended by a number of other blogs? Nice work. Thank you very much!

  148. i love/muahhhhhhhhh………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

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  150. This is amazing work! I can’t imagine how long it takes to draw such interesting designs over such a large area – and by hand. I wonder if he lays on some type of roller device to move around easier.

  151. thats look like a worldafter die !!!!!!!!!

  152. These installations look like they took quite a bit of time. Very interesting effect it has on the rooms/setting.

  153. I love fractals and this is the most beautiful display of them I have ever seen.

  154. These are absolutely insane. I want to see pics of the artist actually creating these rooms.

  155. try living there on some of my lucy

  156. It’s pretty damn cool looking, but no way in hell could I live with that

  157. looks great! I assume that it wouldn’t be easy on the eyes after a while. Speciality who get visits from migraine once in a while

  158. What’s so impressive? They’re just squiggly lines.

  159. cool, insane, beautiful, amazing,?… This is a reworking of Hans Belmer, hard work, patience and commitment,? yes.

  160. Wasn’t that the chick in 7th grade who had OCD?


  162. Woahh nice designs ^_^

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  164. I think I could live here within these walls

  165. Awesome work. The detail is incredible.

  166. I’d love to have one of these in my room.

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