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Bruno Catalano – In Search of Missing Pieces


‘In Search of Missing Pieces’ is a series of original sculptures by French artist Bruno Catalono.

Caught my eye big time!

Via My Modern Met


  1. this is the cooles thing in the world i waz stumblin @ 2 and came up on this woke me up a bit! wow awesome

  2. Would’ve been nice and more creative/less boring if he didn’t have all of his statues carrying a suitcase or something.

  3. this is very deep… shows a lot about what people think a significant other will do for them.

  4. tits

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  6. Now that’s just amazing ! Id love a statue like that

  7. Absolutely brilliant. it has been a long time since I have been this impressed about a sculpture.

    Thanks for sharing.


  8. Well, at least we know they are not missing their luggage.

  9. stumbled from the shower…love it

  10. neat

  11. Really Cool and creative. This falls into the category of things i would never come up with. i like

  12. Commenting that you were stumbling and expecting praise is like stating that you take care of your kids and wanting to get paid for it.

  13. It’s amazing how our minds automatically fill in the gap. Very cool!

  14. the suitcases make it possible. they are connected to the legs, so tthere can be the emptiness

  15. the suitcases were part of the point he was making.. like they are going on a journey to find their missing pieces.

  16. this is truly wonderful art, Im not sure he realized when he discovered this “idea” of making “pieces op people” , but it can be interpreted as something very deep., arent we all , a little bit in pieces? I’m seriously touched.
    Great work
    thank you for sharing

  17. Mind-blowing

  18. he had to have the man carrying an item because without one the statue would not be held together, obviously. this is very artistic on so many levels, clearly. i wish i knew the inspiration behind the work!

  19. Cool art work. Its a good thing all these guys are holding bag and cases :)

    Anthony Pittarelli

  20. What a fantastic idea, it took me a second to figure it out, but totally killer!

    Anthony Pittarelli

  21. Really cool, but it would be good to mix it up. They all seem to be carrying luggage of some sort.. Maybe some should be “missing” in different ways.

  22. To me this says, look at a man… Not just at his crotch, ladies. Care for your man, as though he is precious, ok?

  23. @vaishnavi : maybe it would be less boring for you if you were creative/intelligent enough to make the connection between the items which are common to each piece and the point/theme the artist is trying to convey. If you need another clue, possibly read the project title: “In Search of Missing Pieces.”
    Hmm…might they need to travel to do this?

  24. Oh, and people, I was to lazy to read all the comments, but the reason they all need to be carrying the suitcase is structural. If they didn’t have it, it wouldn’t be able to have that big portion missing, the statue tops are not floating.

  25. I like how I can fill in the open space in my mind’s eye, and that the breaks line up almost perfectly. That’s a great deal of workmanship, and I am pleased to have stumbled onto it.

  26. More creative Nice Job? If you actually look, the suitcase/briefcase/guitar case is what literally connects the pieces together.

  27. I thought we killed that damn T-1000…

  28. It would be cool if he wasn’t carrying the suitcase. The suitcase completely ruins it.

  29. Wow, finally something fresh! The illusion is amazing, especially with the piece which is placed on outdoors. Very inspiring, I’m glad that I stumbled on these!

  30. Absolutely amazing. Very inspiring.

  31. Robot Senator Approves of the symbolism in these sculptures. Not necessarily about S.O.

  32. I’m pretty sure the suitcases are symbolic. Maybe for how the working man could go through their whole life without knowing themselves.
    Or maybe that the rat race made them lose themselves.
    Something like that.

  33. superfly and very innovative… I think its very important to have expression like this

  34. The suitcases are a part of the whole statement about what he’s trying to express…


  35. very nice, showing responsibility by not leaving the suitcase.

  36. well looks cool,it is really good illusion

  37. I loved it.Itx awesome,what creativity.

  38. i saw this in honfleur, france. it is so dope!

  39. carrying a lot of baggage and missing something of themselves…

  40. Interesting that these figures remind me of many people I see climbing the ladder of success and forgetting to take or not intending to take their internals with them. Only interested in the possessions they carry and the destination, otherwise empty.

  41. this is a true work of art…(i have something similar but not as detailed)….even when you don’t feel whole you keep on going..determine

  42. yeah, the suitcases in every sculpture kind of make it a bit “samey” but they are needed in order for the sculpture to stand. Imagine what sculptures will look like when levitation is a common thing.

  43. Naprawę interesująca ekspozycja.

  44. Will he display the missing metal as art, too? That would be so cool. Almost as cool as seeing models who looked just like this. I wonder if they are related to one another, you know, like “missing” relatives. What if the sculptor was missing his hands? Then he’d have to make these using his toes. Cool. And his name is Bruno. Wonder if he’s related to that movie, BRUNO.

  45. hey “nice job, but…” dont you see that the suitcases are important? they hold everything together you idiot

  46. use less

  47. REALLY cool and philosophical! I was lost watching the pictures

  48. i can’t believe how rude and idiotic some of you sound “it would be better without the suitcases” “it’s cool but he should switch it up, why suitcases?”

    1) um it’s what’s holding the pieces together guys. and BALANCING the statue. I’m sure the amount of metal/type of metal used weighs more than the bit on top that is hanging over so that it balances out.
    2) WITHOUT the suitcase, the people would not be able to have “missing pieces”
    3) as so many others said, the suitcases are a part of this series. look at the TITLE if you are confused and can’t wrap your mind around it.

    if you’re going to critique art, at least go about it in a sensible way. saying “omg cool but dude i don’t understand” really just makes you look stupid.

  49. Dali would have been proud to see that his art lives on

  50. …this is simply fucking brilliant…it’s the sense of balance that kicks my ass to the enth degree…i’m without words, and that is RARE… :> tkk

  51. my litle sister, noreen, went to school with a young lady named Laura Catalano, from Hyde Park, NY…might they be family?

  52. This shows how important it is to always carry a bag so if your torso disappears your head won’t hit the ground.
    An important lesson for us all.

  53. There is a really practical reason for the suitcases/bags – something needs to join the top with the bottom…

    Amazing art!

  54. omg you idiot. If he didn’t have them holding a suitcase there would have been nothing for the other half of the body to hold onto. The two halves could not be conjoined by anything and the top half would just fall onto the bottom half. I mean unless you thought it would look better if he had like a 5 foot right arm

  55. Sticchi’a sso ma belli su sti cosi, ma cu ventu un si ci stoccanu? e comunque iu l’avissi fattu cu compensatu

  56. That is awesome, I also found this great experiment video about a diet coke and mentos explosion in a microwave on youtube that was really entertaining. It is pretty near death as far as diet coke and mentos goes. It is at Take a peek, its worth it.

  57. … i guess the suitcases are just to hold de rest of the sculpture… but the guy does really good stuff.. very cool and new thing

  58. The suitcase is the most poignant part of every sculpture. Why do people leave their homes or their comfort zones? It’s usually to find something new, whether it’s an experience or a feeling that they believe will fill a void.

  59. Wonderful originality! Really cool stuff.

  60. OMG. These are amazing!

  61. Seems to me like this idea is borrowed, creativity in the concept is apparent but it’s the exact same execution for each statue, I find it very uninspired and lackluster. Would have respected it more of it were a single statue.

  62. Neat, I wouldn’t mind having one. Nice detail

  63. Look at the theme and you’ll figure out why they are carrying these things.

    But I guess in artwork every one sees something different.

    This is genius work here.

  64. I completely disagree, the suitcases are necessary to the pieces… all of these people are traveling somewhere, “looking for missing pieces” in their lives.

  65. it is very nice because the balance of this looks very hard

  66. probably been said, but these wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for the suit cases. Dude needs to think outside the box some and make some more. Other wise, this is a good idea gone to waste.

  67. Really the coolset thing in the world? get out of bed more often and go farther than your computer screen..

  68. I would have finished the pieces before posting them. Why would the artist let people see his work with holes still in it?

  69. the suitcases is what joins the top to the bottom so that it doesn’t fall apart… the top piece isn’t floating…

  70. very cool design

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  72. the suitcase is the they dont need those mising parts…AWSOME

  73. this is shit

  74. I love it!

  75. very clever but also valid. touches on Surrealism and the occult.

  76. @artcritic – they are finished pieces you idiot.

    @gareth – love the way you interpreted that:)

    @ mindless people critiquing this – to say that stuff, your showing how narrow minded and utterly incapable of being an art critic you are. those capable of throwing their true beliefs, experiences, stories, and characteristics into a piece are true artists. and a good critique is not only willing to look at whats infront of them but the symbolism behind it all. things are unfinished for a reason, object repetition is used for a reason. the color(s) used, size of the piece, texture, expression, amount of negative/positive space and etc. was all decided on for a reason.

    when you understand this youl be able to look at a white table-sized canvas with only a single black dot in the center of it and find beauty in it.

  77. I don’t like olives on my pizza, but cheese is ok.

  78. brilliant work. illusion.

  79. Fantastic sculptures, reallt impressive !

  80. this is so amazing!! i love stumbling on stumbleupon!! i find the weirdest stuff!!

  81. talk about acid indigestion…

  82. Nice work, allthough I must agree with ‘Nice job, but’

  83. They strike me as being very odd.
    Better than some sculpture I have seen, not as good as others. On the plus side I actually understand them. I will never understand how people can get paid to weld a bunch of junk together and call it a sculpture.

  84. good balance

  85. about the suitcases: they are obviously necessary, so why say they ruin the statue? if they weren’t there, the statues would be impossible.

  86. touching.

  87. the suitecases are what connectes the bottom peices to the top peices….no?

  88. Great work I love all the articulate comments.The bags may be a theme for the works. The outdoor installations are open the vandals as two drunk teenagers could bend or snap this artwork in half.

  89. i like turtles

  90. Sometimes what we carry is not always a burden, but something to make us understand who we are or make us survive. In these amazing pictures the suitecase is what holds or connects the body. The searching may continue and the body will be together.

  91. Very creative and eye catching piece of art.

  92. gutless. all his pieces are missing any guts….probably an autobiographical statement on his part.

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  94. Makes me wonder which parts of me would be missing. Amazing~

  95. i like carving a hole in a potateo, and putting my penis in it.

  96. These sculptures have to be some of the best examples of the use of negative space.

  97. A lot of trolls here, lol.

    I love the statues.

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  99. beautiful.

  100. an incredible set of art pieces

  101. Very creative! my favorite is the first one.. it says a lot about what life can bring.

  102. it’s awesome! thanks for sharing!!

  103. Genial!

  104. Wow! J’adore ces sculptures, mais à la fois elles me rendent tristes. Surtout les deux premières photos.
    Le grand départ, la valise. On laisse toujours un peu de soi derrière les villes qu’on quitte. Et on va chercher les morceaux manquants ailleurs, même s’il ne sont pas les morceaux exacts du casse-tête incomplet.

  105. I can appreciate that all of you “art critics” think that the suitcases are an utter necessity, however i am under the impression that Bruno could have thought more in depth about the missing pieces and came up with another way around holding up the sculpture without a suitcase, the fact that he always uses suitcases is “a bit samey” and I think it does matter. He should have known that, he should have been able to come up with a bit of variation, simply changing the look of the people just isnt enough when all of the sculptures show the same thing in the same way, or maybe he wanted one of the missing pieces to be a fully thought out concept. As a standalone piece however, the first sculpture is fascinating.

  106. Haunting images!

  107. POOPER!!!

  108. Where’s the missing porn??

  109. Hi i think the suitcases make it possible. they are connected to the legs, so there can be the emptiness

  110. Exceptional visual art where can you buy it

  111. I guess he found his signature; it’s always nice to have one. Still refusing to go with mine.

  112. It not really abruptly. How all it keeps?

  113. Brilliant piece of art!

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  115. to the guy that criticized his use of suitcases: he has to attach the top half of the statue to the bottom half somehow doofus. i thought it was very creative.

  116. yes the “suitcases” are what is holding them all together; however, they aren’t all suitcases, one is a guitar case and one is a briefcase… adding more dimension to the story, at least for me…

  117. Kool … very creative.
    I saw something similar in Prague, Don’t know if it was from same artist or not … here is a photo of it:

  118. creative idea and very nice ..

  119. love it!

  120. I really like the statute (top) when it was the first i had seen. now it’s lame. however, assuming he’s making money, selling the same thing over and over takes a certain kind of marketing skill… i suppose

  121. Amazing art style. Love it

  122. i love it. it’s amazing how the tiny arms supported the upper part of the statue.

  123. It does give you something to think/look/wonder about. great post!

  124. that is SO FANTASTIC! I WANNA ONE OF THOSE ONES HAHAHA Congratulations.. just AWESOME!

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  126. The suitcase/briefcases represent the characters search. Without the briefcase, it looks like he’s just walking along, but the suitcase has always been used as a sort of symbol of a great search, or journey, with all wordly possessions in that one case.

  127. so simple, yet so complex

  128. their hearts all seem to be intact, although other parts of them may be missing……

  129. I shall now cease to argue with a woman who claims that “a bag makes or breaks a woman”.

  130. The breaks in the sculptures are brilliant ellipses, in that they spare us some of the awfulness of Bruno’s technique. Great ad material for Samsonite, though.

  131. love the concept. very nice

  132. Typical “internet art”. Fine idea repeated 23 times (at least on authors site). What for?

  133. For some reason my mind is not working properly and does not fill the gaps. But maybe that makes it even more interesting and surreal.

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  135. The luggage is literally supposed to represent baggage. They are carrying around the things that have hurt them in the past, and searching for the “pieces” of themselves that they’ve lost in the process.

  136. Uh, the only way giant hunks can be taken out of them is if they’re carrying something that attaches the two pieces together.

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  138. Very interesting. Just awesome art

  139. Creative, Interesting!!! IT’s Now proved that Human can create/design anything irrespective of any boundaries or anything that really matters.

  140. imagined the same concept on people before seeing this

  141. i dont get it….

  142. some would say This is real art: the artist gives only parts and your mind makes it complete.
    some others would say The guy run short in material and inspiration.

    I say
    this kinda art works only with a bag…
    I hate bags.

  143. they have been clawed by a giant trex or something. regardless, these are beautiful.

  144. their hearts all seem to be intact, although other parts of them may be missing……

  145. Fucking stupid awesome!

  146. The statue on the shoreline is wonderful with that lovely view through him. Is the view
    real (it really is on the shoreline) or did someone photoshop in that background?


  147. I wonder how long it takes to finish sculptures like these… From a structural standpoint – there should be some shear stress and bending stress at the point where the two halves are connected… although, from inspection it looks like those welds are plenty strong enough to hold the upper section of each piece. Very cool stuff.

  148. it’s greath..

  149. When I look at this I think: The luggage or cases represent work or some sort of goal or ambition. And those who are working toward something or have ambitions are never complete. I think we should all always be working toward some sort of goal and yes me may never be complete but I don’t necessarily think that is a bad thing. Never being complete leaves room for growth and expansion. LoveTheLifeYouLive <3

  150. Salutations!! Amazing!! Out of the box. Merry Xmas and happy creative and peaceful new year 2011. stumble is an experience!!

  151. Man… Carrying a bag of some sort… Attached to his knee.
    I get it.
    The first one I saw was cool.
    After that, it’s like, “Big deal. Think of something new, artist.”

  152. wow! Amazing! I <3 these pictures! Happy New Years everybody!

  153. Awesome, this was the single mostinstructive detail I had studied in my life. Thanks a lot!!

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  155. […] (Images via szarts, bumbumbum, mackmelo) […]

  156. I just need to comment on this because everyone commenting on this is stupid.

    “@artcritic – they are finished pieces you idiot.

    @gareth – love the way you interpreted that:)

    @ mindless people critiquing this – to say that stuff, your showing how narrow minded and utterly incapable of being an art critic you are. those capable of throwing their true beliefs, experiences, stories, and characteristics into a piece are true artists. and a good critique is not only willing to look at whats infront of them but the symbolism behind it all. things are unfinished for a reason, object repetition is used for a reason. the color(s) used, size of the piece, texture, expression, amount of negative/positive space and etc. was all decided on for a reason.

    when you understand this youl be able to look at a white table-sized canvas with only a single black dot in the center of it and find beauty in it.

    Posted by bren on May 28th, 2010.”

    ^^^This person is an utter moron. I can’t even touch on this.

    The art is cool, I’ll give it that. I understand the need for the suitcases even though I’m not too big on them

    This is an amazing idea. I like it, but people who want to talk about art sound like the biggest douche bags, coming from an artist myself. Seriously, if it inspires you, why do you need to tell the world? You aren’t achieving anything by flaunting how “deep” you are. And griping about the suitcase doesn’t make you look smart either. However, sarcastic comments are always relieving because reading these uptight comments make comic relief a must.

    Bring on the hate mail, douche bags.

  157. I never seen art like that before. It’s a very profound effect.

  158. Wow great man really clean cutting I just adore your work and your blog aswell.

  159. Why is Bill Bailey theree with his guitat..?

  160. If you want to see the mind blowing article with real facts and figures, this has really tremendous impacts on readers.

  161. Professional use of photoshop

  162. titts tho

  163. awesome sculptures <3 I'm a sculpture myself, are these bronze? I can't tell, never worked in bronze before but I've always wanted to try =) thx for sharing!

  164. Absolutely love your artwork and creativity!

  165. L’abilità sta nelle saldature. Sculture che vivono nelle giuste location. Al
    chiuso esigerebbero sfondi adeguati. All’aperto si spera che i materiali
    dove è saldato il portante (la valigia) resistano alla corrosione… Idea
    ingegneristica brillante, comunque, quella della valigia che cela il
    sostegno dell’ntero bronzo. Arte da “hub” per passeggeri in transito. Chissà
    quali sono le quotazioni di questo manierista?

  166. So, I guess this means that women are already complete !

  167. “this is the cooles thing in the world i waz stumblin @ 2 and came up on this woke me up a bit! wow awesome”
    Exactly same happened with me right now @ 2 :D

  168. Are the missing pieces in the suitcases?

  169. It looks like they got hit with some kind of beam attack…

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