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Andreas Gursky | Photographer

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Absolutely breathtaking large-scale photography by German visual artist and photographer Andreas Gursky. Before the 1990s, Andreas Gursky did not digitally manipulate his images. But in the following years Gursky has been completely honest about using computers to edit and enhance his photos creating art from the basic images. Via ISO50


Tereza Vlckova | Photographer

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Tereza Vlckova Born in 1983 in Vsetín, Czech Republic. Vlčková’s models are often girls of various ages placed in ambiguous locations and eras to create mysterious images reminiscent of mythology, fantasy, and fairy tale. Via Look in art


1975 IBM Slide Presentation


Oh the absolute joy it is to see these wonderful pictures from this 1975 IBM Slide Presentation. Today I consider this wonderful presentation some kind of art form and ironic enough 25 years a ago, it was only a presentation. I wonder what will be art in 25 years … Via COLT + RANE


Queen City Studio | BFLO

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Loving the look from the ongoing graphic series ‘BLFO’ by Queen City Studio. The series is an homage to the city of Buffalo, N.Y., which is the hometown of Rob who is one of the founders of Queen City Studio. Do also check out Queen City Studio’s very cool blog. Via ISO50


Philippe Halsman | Jumpology


Wonderful bouncy portraits by Latvian-born American photographer Philippe Halsman. Made my day. Via but does it float


Jacquards by Antoine Caecke

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‘Jacquards’ is a lovely little book by french illustrator Antoine Caecke. I really enjoy his style and the progress throughtout the different illustrations. Antoine also makes some cool animations. Check them out here. Via 8o8


Damien Blottière | Cut & Paste

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Photographer Damien Blottière made this Calvin Klein S/S2011 ‘Cut & Paste’ editorial for the December 2010 issue of Dazed & Confused. Outstanding work by Blottière who is definitely more a visual artist and art director than a photographer. Via Look in art


Richard Prince | Cowboys and Girlfriends

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‘Cowboys and Girlfriends’ (1992) is an outstanding photo series by American painter and photographer Richard Prince. I love everything about these photos – the colors, the feel of texture and the overall coolness. In this series Prince has combined two larger series of photographs he made in the 80s. The archetypal cowboy images, though cropped, are reproduced facsimiles of originals from the Marlboro advertisements. The artist began rephotographing them after the company became the target of an antismoking campaign and was forced to stop using its famous model, the Marlboro Man. In Prince’s rendition, this “true American” is ironically turned from a hero into a survivor. The Girlfriends pictures in this series are borrowed from ads placed by women in biker magazines. Via Color Cubic


Black Swan | Limited Edition Poster


It’s not often you see official released movie posters with such a stunning graphic line. Obviously very art deco inspired. Unfortunately I don’t have any information about who the artist is, so please let me know if you do. UPDATE: Emily from Emily Forgot just informed that the posters are made by La Boca – a London-based design circus. These are of course posters for the soon to come “Black Swan” starring Natalie Portman, directed by Darren Aronofsky. Via Design Work Life


Nicholas Di Genova | Artist


Nothing short of fantastic drawings by Canadian artist Nicholas Di Genova. Incredible details and the level of imagination is beyond mindblowing. “When I was a kid growing up I was obsessed with animals and monsters… I’d draw them everyday, and when I grew up I either wanted to be a zoologist or a monster hunter… When I got a bit older I realized that being a zoologist was less exciting than I had imagined, and that ‘monster hunter’ isn’t even a real job, so I just kept drawing. I pretty much do the exact same thing at 29 years old that I did when I was 9 years old.” Via We Find Wildness