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So many things inspire me daily, tickles my interest or just simply makes me look twice. And of course all these things are even more exciting when you share them with someone. That is the essence of bumbumbum.

A few facts

I’m Cecilie

I’m 30

I’m living in one of the best cities in the world – Copenhagen, Denmark.

I’m a graphic designer/dtp and off course, blogger.

And I’m hoping that you will enjoy my blog as a source of daily eye-catching inspiration!


Unless indicated otherwise, the pictures on this blog do not belong to me and they do not have any commercial purpose. Pictures I have taken myself belong to me. If you borrow pictures from my blog then please link back.


  1. Det ser jo godt ud..

  2. Haha … Dejligt at du lagde vejen forbi :-)

  3. Hi,

    I’m Furkan Sener…
    A graphic designer and illustrator from Turkey…
    maybe you like this


  4. Hi Furkan

    Thanks so much for your link! Great stuff you have in your portfolio. I’ll keep it in mind for at blogpost.

    All the best,


  6. WOW. Smukt!

  7. super!
    just stumbled upon bumbumbum by some sort of serendipitious path:
    chears, sam

  8. Uh, wow. Thanks for the compliment, Sam. Hope you will be coming back for more : )

  9. Jeg fandt også vejen forbi din blog ved et tilfælde og er allerede en trofast fan:)
    Super flotte billeder!!!

  10. Fedt du kan lide min blog! Håber jeg kan leve op til dit kompliment – også i fremtiden : )

  11. me encanta. i love… u

  12. I just found out about your blog, love it!

    Cheers from Costa Rica

  13. Hi Manuel
    So glad you like my blog. Checked out your work and I remember that I actually wrote about some of your work a while back. Great stuff you got!

  14. Din blog er blevet virkelig virkelig god! Godt arbejde badils!

  15. Hvor er du sød Martin! Det betyder meget for mig. Tak!



  17. A lot of fun. Intriguing. Thanks for having me…

  18. Inspiring stuff. Keep sharing :-)

  19. Thanks Dave. Will do : )

  20. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Isaac Stott. Isaac Stott said: also, a good designers blog […]

  21. wow, beautiful

  22. Hey Cecilie, kom forbi din meget fine og yderst inspirerende blog via stumblupon og nu er du SÅ meget en af mine HEROES –

  23. Hey Jan. Hvor fedt at du kan lide min blog og jeg siger mange tak for mit link på din blog :-)

  24. you should check out

    he is good

  25. I just did. Nice stuff he has. Thanks for the heads up!

  26. Hi Cecile
    I own an Art Gallery in Melbourne, Australia. It’s name is Tusk Gallery. I even occasionally get queries about our art from people living in Denmark. We have many artists but the one I’d like to share with your readers is Narate Kathong. There”s a link at the top of my homepage. Narate creates a bigger rection than any artist I have ever represented.
    Have a look.

  27. Hey there from Down Under…

    Great stuff! — think we share similar aesthetics on stuff..

    Check out my blog :

    keep up the nice stuff…!

  28. Hi Josh. You’re right, we do like the same stuff. Nice blog you have there. I will be following :-)

  29. Hi Just found your site via stumbleupon. Some great images, some more disturbing, but all thought provoking. Will keep checking back.

    Keep posting.

  30. Hej Cecilie, jeg blev jo nysgerrig på din blog, og må sige at jeg synes den er riktigt flot! :) Klem fra Trine (fra Bryllupet)

  31. Hej Trine. 1000 tak skal du have. Fedt at du godt kan lide den. Jeg kan se du også har en blog, den er da også pænt sej. Nu er vi blog-buddies ;-)

  32. Jupp! Nu er vi offisielt blog buddies;)

  33. hello hello, nice site

  34. Thank you, Ian!

  35. Thank you, Cecilie, for finding and sharing all these pictures.
    I´m so happy I found your bumbumbums, so many fantastic idea, such beautiful graphic desing and interesting artists.
    It usually takes me 20 years to see this many things i like. thank you, tusind tak!

  36. Hi Hanne. I’m so glad you find my blog inspiring. And thank you for leaving such a kind comment. Means a lot!

    Cecilie :-)

  37. Hey, just wanted to say thanks for this fantastic blog :)
    And I also wanted to ask you how you made it ?
    Thanks ,

  38. Hi Jack

    Thank you so much! Glad you like my blog.

    My blog is set up in WordPress.

    Cecilie :-)

  39. my very very best compliments for your blog. Eccelent taste, wonderful choices.

  40. fantastic blog, i’ll be back :)

  41. Dear
    It could be nice if our “happy families” game could be anounced on your blog!
    You can have an overview on:

    Best regards

  42. Hello, just want to say how much i love your blog, inspiring stuff

  43. Hi Neilis. Thank you SO much. I really appreciate it. Keep coming back!

  44. hey great blog! im going to steal some of these artist for my blog…


  45. Please do. Just hope you will credit me for finding it. I will probably stael somthing from you too :-)

  46. interesting stuff. buen trabajo!!!

  47. Hei Cecilie

    Great to find such a nice Danish art blog. I´ll follow you :-)
    Keep up the good work ! And do tjek out my drawing blog

    BR Line Maj

  48. Hey Line. Thank you for the sweet words :-) Hope you do follow me, and make sure you send me your new work in the future. Your work looks great!

  49. Nice blog – Keep up the good work :-)

  50. Thank you. Glad to like it :-)

  51. I like your blog and I’d like to contribute with my work!

  52. Hi Emile. Well thank you for your contribution. I will definitely consider it for at future blogpost. Best, Cecilie

  53. Hej Cecilie.
    Din blog er virkelig inspirerende og interessant. En sandt bombardement af så meget af det gode der findes derude!
    Jeg selv er guldsmed og smykkedesigner. Kig meget gerne på min hjemmeside Måske du kan bruge den til noget…
    Sender dig lige en mail med lidt mere info.

    Mange hilsener

  54. Hey Cecilie,

    I like your site, and I hope you like mine…well, my ‘content’, that is.

    Check out my 365 Project, and feel free to contact me if you dig any of it. I’m looking to ‘spread the word’ a little, I guess.

    Here it is:



  55. Hi Dre

    So glad to hear you like my blog! And thanks for your submission.
    I’ll be sure to keep it in mind for a future blogpost.


  56. Hi,
    Congrats for your site !! Many thanks for your taste!
    KissKiss from Paris

  57. Hi Olivier.

    Thank you so much!

    Kisses back : )

  58. loving your blog. bumbumbum!!!! :)

  59. Thank you so much!!! : )

  60. Nice work! I really dig it! Have a look at my stuff too, if you like…

  61. Hi!
    I hope you find my work of interest.
    I’m showing in Toronto this May as part of the Contact photography festival.
    Paul Cook

  62. Nice and interesting work Cecilie.
    It’s good for a artiste to keep in touch with what’s happening around.

  63. Thank you so much Thomas. I really appreciate it. You’ve have some very good work at your site yourself. Make sure you send me updates in the future.

  64. Cecilie,

    Thank you for creating such an awesome blog. I don’t want to get too sappy here, but your thoughtful collection has inspired me to rediscover a part of myself that I lost a long time ago.

    Best wishes and gratitude to you!

  65. That’s great Jonathan! And I’m so glad to hear you like my blog. Hope you keep following.

    :-) Cecilie

  66. Hello Cecilie,

    We really like your blog and we wandered if the project we just done could interest you.

    Thanks a lot.

    Les Gaulois

    The first animated GIF campaign.

    “Stories about holes that go round the internet”

    This could be the brief for the first purely animated GIF ad campaign.

    For its french come-back, Polo created thirty short stories starring the mint with the hole, all silly and without end.

    Written by JWT Paris and directed by the english David Packer ( ), these troustories pay homage to the geek generation and herald the return of animated GIFs.

    Discover these stories on, with a new animated GIF every day and other secret features*, including the film « Troustories » that we offer you in preview.

    *Play with the logos and search bar to find the “trouradios”, the film and the pop(corns)-up.

    Creative team : Les Gaulois ( )
    Director : David Packer ( )

  67. Hi ! I live in South Korea Moon Hee
    Accidentally introduced in the magazine, I saw your blog.
    As you say your blog is my source of inspiration
    Thank you. Have fun every day !!

  68. Hi Heeya
    Very glad to hear my blog inspires you.
    Hope you will keep following,
    Cecilie : )

  69. Hi Cecilie :)

    I read your blog often for design inspiration and artist links (I study Graphics at Blackpool Sixth Form) and I was wondering if you know any artists who do work similar to this artist called ‘SH3n1′ on Flickr?? I’ve looked alot on here and can’t seem to find any :/
    Heres the link –
    I would be really grateful if you could help me out :D



  70. Hi Sophie.
    First of all, thanks for following!
    I don’t were specific you can find that kind of work, but try to look at other blogs like: designyoutrust,com and

    Hope you find what you’re looking for!

  71. Really nice stuff, Sophie!
    Maybe you would check out

    Cheers from Barcelona

  72. Thanks Santiago! Although my name is actually Cecilie (but my sisters name is Sophie, funny enough). :-)

  73. Ups! Sorry! :)

  74. Hey Cecilie, ive been following your blog for a long time. I seem to remember you liking some paintings or photos a while back of elderly people. They were very textual in regards to the aging of skin. I think one of them had a close up of knees. If you remember the artist or a link for them, it would be a big help.
    Thanks for all the inspiration over the years!

  75. Hi Nicole. I’m not sure what post you think of, but I have a feeling it might be in the advertising category. So try and look through there. Hope you find it. And thanks so much for following!

  76. have a look if you get bored of looking at all the fantastic work that’s around these days :)

  77. Hi Jesse. Thanks for the heads up : ). Will take a look.

  78. Heya

    I really like your site, found heaps of great stuff via it.

    Wanted to send you an animated short film I made

    hope you like it,

    Keep up the good work,



  79. Hej Cecilie,
    cool site! Jeg had vedlagt et site vi netop har launchet globalt,
    som måske falder i din smag:)

    De bedste hilsner

  80. Hej Michael. Tak for komplimentet : ) Og tak for link. Ser super fedt ud!

  81. Hello!
    I created a new version of a Titanic scene. Have a look! :)

  82. Hi Cecillie,
    realy nice blog like it :)

    Eye self sees everything else ! :)

  83. Hi Cecillie,

    I am an illustrator and cartoonist based in Canton, China. As so many your followers here, I have been following your blog for a long time, and I would like to thank for your sharings which are brilliant! and your blog will always be my favorite! here is my website: that showcasing some of my recently works, if u have time pls have a look =) enjoy your day!


  84. Hi, we are the first Italin basketball freestyle crew,not only basketball. We would like to show you our new promotional video, we hope that you’re gonna enjoy and share it on your paige. This is the first of a trilogy,in the next two will have more freestyle disciplines like football, biketrial, breakdance and parkour. For any requests contact as at Down we put the link of our video:

    Thank you for the attention, have a nice day.

  85. Hi,
    my name’s Luciano and I’m a young Art Director in TBWA\Milan.

    You know, It’s pretty difficult to share a project like this in our Country: Vatican is really close, in any sense: in these days we found out we can’t even say the word “condom” on the main cannel of the free tv!

    So, here’s the point: we’re asking your help for talk about the project in your Country. If you like it, obviously.

    It’s a no-profit campaign for the Wold AIDS Day.

    We arranged a street casting to find actors for the new docu-film of a famous italian director, Luca Lucini: PER TUTTA LA VITA (For the rest of your life). We cast people from the street asking them to get AIDS to give the movie a true imprint.
    To be sincere, there wasn’t any movie. Their reactions became our campaign during the international day dedicated to fight against AIDS.

    You can see the commercial here: (subtitles are available in the “CC” button on youtube window)

    And this is the official site:

    Thank you for your time!

  86. hi:)

    inventors&discoveries illustration!

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  88. Hi Cecilie,

    I love your blog – I use it as a source of inspiration and enjoyment all of the time.

    I have recently published my website with my most recent illustration work on it, and was wondering if on your return you would like to take a look at it and perhaps even share it if you think it is up to standard.

    Let me know what you think.

    Kind regards,


  89. Check my Underwater Nude Rock Quarry series “Omni-Phantasmic”

  90. Hello Cecilie,

    I’m a big fan of your blog and I took part in the making off this documentary. Hope you’ll post it on your blog. Tnx. 

    Every year, hundreds of people accross the world get struck by lightning.  Last year in the USA alone, lightning strikes claimed 272 victims – many of them fatalities. Daryn Kahn was so fascinated by the naturally-occuring electronic force, that he decided to make a documentary in the lightning capital of the world, Florida USA. So who in their right mind would actively seek out a lightning storm and actually TRY to get struck by lightning? 
    But what started as a harmless documentary, ended up as an extremely dangerous experiment.

  91. Hey Cecille,

    thats quite a christmas break you got there :).
    Come back, the internet misses you and your updates!


  92. Hey Cecille,

    I’m a young creative based in London, United Kingdom. My style focuses on simplicity, shape and form and above all framing a clear message.

    Check my portfolio out. Hope you like it and perhaps even share it if you think it is up to BUMBUMBUM’s standard :D

    Ciao bella xx

  93. Hi Cecille,
    I just recently launched a new project that I thought you might find interesting for bumbumbum:

    Thanks for considering, and for your amazing site.

    – Nick

  94. Hi Cecilie!

    I’m an indepented-minded graphic designer from Greece looking for kindred spirits to collaborate in beautiful projects!!
    I really like your blog and the projects you post, so I thought to share my stuff as well!!

    Thanks for the attention

    Cheers from Athens

  95. Dear Cecile, i would like to introduce you my new work – “Cisô”, a new Brazilian label of tailor made clothes for women.

    Cisô was released in the end of March with a concept vídeo

    The label of tailor made clothes for women created by the fashion designer Teca Pasqua values the uniqueness of each garment and the comfort of each client, always respecting their wishes and highlighting their personalities. The first collection is coming soon, together with the e-commerce of the brand!

    The concept of Cisô is very unique and specific, and is described on an interesting text:
    “Beauty is timeless, and so is femininity. Evolution, elegance. To be elegant is also to have personality, freedom to express yourself. Focus on gazes that do not deviate when searching for an objective, a conquer. Conquers are timeless.

    Timeless is the concept of femme fatale. Femme fatale, feminine intuition, misteries. Misteries in “La Bella y la Bestia”, real women. True heroines are the modern women, with strength and softness. Intensity and style. Style is a bohemian reflex. Bohemian reflex is now timeless.

    Timeless is the future, that today is also past,. The future is expected, imagined, dreamed of . Dreams are art, not only modern but eternal, sophisticated. Timeless. Innovating and romantically reflexive time. Reflexive is the art of dressing. To dress up with a futurist touch, and at the same time with a classical essence, timeless.

    This blend is the concept of Cisô!”


    Teca Pasqua was born in São Paulo, Brazil, and has a degree in fashion design. She started her professional life during the first year of university (2004), trying to work in different areas: costume assistant at MTV Brazil, printing at Tecelagem Brasil, fashion producer, marketing at Iódice (brazilian brand), producer and assistant director of a TV show for Trip Editora. She was also indicated to be part os the jury of the periodical journal “O Estado de São Paulo” in the São Paulo Fashion Week (Summer 2008/2009), in 2007, 2008 and 2009 she collaborated as a producer in a magazine, S/N, of the editors Helio Hara and Bob Wolfenson. She published proper photos in the 9th edition, “Salt” about the OsGemeos (grafitti). She also did some costume designs for theater, such as “Alice through the mirror” in SESI, Sao Paulo (April to July, 2010) and for the event “Lollapalooza São Paulo”, which happens in April 7th – 8th, 2012.

    Worried about the cultural fashion scene in Brazil, she works since she graduated (2008) as a cultural producer (freelancer). She works as curator, makes the idealization and production of the event “NOVO – Expressão de Moda”, disseminating new fashion talents and questioning the contemporary fashion.

    As a cultural producer, she signed the exhibition “Flávio de Carvalho desveste a Moda Brasileira da Cabeça aos pés”, in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro (october to april, 2010/2011) and “Lacoste – Unconventional Chic”, In Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro e Brasilia (August to September, 2011).

    She studied at Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and always looked for courses that helped her to create a ample vision about fashion and art.


    Now, (March, 2012) launched her label of tailor made clothes for women, “Cisô”.

  96. hi Cecile great blog ;)

  97. i just stumbled onto this site and i love it!

    it is so inspirational! i hope one day you will feature my work:

    have a lovely day!


  98. Hey Cecille!

    We thought you might like to check out our new Risograph print series, you can view them on our website or tumblr

    Keep up the great blogging!


    Andrew – Arid House

  99. Hi, I am a designer based on graphic design, web design and programming art. I come from Taiwan and study master degree in New York now. I would like to show you one of my programming art and typography. Hope you would enjoy and share it.

    Thank you for your attention, have a nice day!!!

    Meng-Chih Chiang

  100. Hi!
    I am a gallerist from the netherlands. Currently we have a great exhibition from Simon Schrikker. Check out his work: I hope you like it!

  101. My name is Kyle James Dunn, and I am a sculptor currently based out of Baltimore, MD. I have followed your website since its creation and I would like to share my current work with you. My portfolio website is:

    Thank you for your time and cheers,

  102. Hello,

    I wanted to share my projects with you, is there an email that I can send it to ?


  103. hello cecile!
    my name is laura redburn / cardboardcities and i’m a collage artist from the uk.
    i’d love if you could have a look at my site with the possibility of putting some of my work up on yours?

    thank you,
    have a wonderful day,
    laura / cardboardcities

  104. Dear Cecille, how are you?

    As I am the person responsible for the international promotion of campaigns developed by DDB Brasil, I would like to know to which e-mail I can send you information on our latest desing-trendy campaign.

    Look forward to your response.


  105. Dear Cecilie,

    my name is Jasmine Deporta, I‘m a photographer based in Italy. I wanted to send you some outputs from my last project for the vintage shop „can you keep a secret“ in Cologne.
    The analoge series „Lolita“ connects the athmosphere of a classy, almost prudish Hotel with two young seductive models in vintage clothes.

    Along with innocence, desire, naivety and excess i try to combine personal and interpesonal structures with common places and situations creating new contexts and a different and intimate aesthetics. As in all my pictures I work out impetuses of my interpersonal environment and everyday life.

    have a look if you want:


  106. Hey Cecille,

    Here at Hunter & Fox we are working on a portrait video series. Check out the first portrait video we made of Vanessa Hernandez from The Vaguely making her infamous gold gilded posters! I have a good feeling you love rap lyrics/typography/gold so just thought I’d share this little number with you:

    If it makes you smile please do share with your community and be on the look out for more video portraits of creatives!


  107. Hi Cecille!

    we are glad to show you our Koloo products

    Koloo is a new brand, characterizing smaill pieces of furniture such as table lamps, shelves, magazine racks, eco-fireplaces, either movable or on wall. smaill coffee table, candlesticks, mirrors…

    On a basic metal structure, panels in various materials (wood, glass, stone, eco-leather, ceramic, and acrylic) are easily applied and removed by magnetic bands.

    Panels are interchangeable, as the same basic structure can be covered with different panels according to a change in furnishings or accessories.Different panels can also be purchased afterwards: they will always fit the basic metal structures. Wacth our video on youtube:

    Koloo brand products are entirely made in Italy and can only be purchased on a webstore online on

    for further information please contac us

    Marco Colomban

  108. Hi,

    maybe you’ll like my new wacky political animated music video for the french famous band “Le Peuple de l’Herbe”


  109. Hi! My name is Agustin Carbonere, from the art collective Thank You Very Much! (

    Based in Buenos Aires, Argentina we gatherer artist from all around de world, including Martin Parr, Thomas Doyle, Gabriel Dawe, and the list goes on, in the link you ll find more information about the project if you are interested.

    We love the web, and we liked you to consider Luciano Podcaminsky’s recent works to include in your web.

    This is a Link where you can download photos of the works

    This works are in exhibition at Centro Cultural Recoleta, in Buenos Aires.

    Thanks a lot for your time and I hope you find them interesting,

    We ll keep in touch


  110. Dear Cecilie,

    I write to you on behalf of Civil Ape, a creative collective located in the Cherokee arts district of Saint Louis, MO. We have recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund an ambitious upgrade of our apparel printing enterprise. Although our group’s members each work in a variety of mediums, we are all particularly excited about our group venture into apparel design. Up until now, we have screen-printed apparel by hand on a press we built ourselves. We’re investing all our extra cash into this small-scale production, and we’re unable to fully explore our design concepts. The work we’ve produced thus far has been very well received, but we just can’t keep up with the demand. Since starting off in this direction, we’ve acquired numerous consignments and an online store, and the only missing piece is the equipment we need to fully pursue this project.

    We’ve come to the Kickstarter community to raise the 8,000 dollars we’ll need to update our screen-printing set-up and purchase dye-sublimation equipment. We’re grateful for this incredible opportunity to fundraise and introduce our art and apparel to a larger audience, because the donors will receive rewards, handmade on our new equipment, should our Kickstarter succeed.

    We need to reach as many potential patrons as possible. The nature of Kickstarter fundraising encourages small pledges from numerous donors. Each pledge will not only help support the upgrade of one aspect of the collective, it will be an investment in our larger vision, to foster a space in which resource sharing and creative collaboration are possible. One absolutely essential way to support this grassroots campaign is by spreading the word. We would really appreciate your help in reaching a larger audience through your blog. It’s a unique opportunity for persons of many backgrounds to patronize the arts, participate in a collaborative project, and obtain some really beautiful stuff.

    Your page looks great and would be honored to receive any type of mention Thank you so much for your time — we hope you’re interested in this project and can help us spread the word. The kickstarter campaign will run from now until August 10th, 2012.
    Learn more here:
    Recent post about the project:

    Thanks for looking, Lenard + Civil Ape

  111. Hi, i looooove your amazing site,Keep going!

  112. Hi,

    I’m a young french director, and here is “Ad Lucem”, my last 2D cartoon movie.
    It has a web site only for him here:
    Or a Vimeo page here :
    I hope that that will please you, I worked a lot above !

    Thanks !


  113. Have a peek!


  114. Hey, where did you go? You haven’t posted in forever.
    I hope you’re okay.
    I love your blog.

  115. good day

    I’m a fan of your site for some time.

    I would be very pleased if YOU

    will please consider publishing my work

    thanks Ziv.Ayal

  116. Dear Cecilie,

    I’m writing on behalf of _Fjeldborgs Design, a small lighting design company placed in the center of Copenhagen, Denmark. We are at the moment a relatively new and upcoming lighting design company and therefore doing our very best to expand our exposure within the realms of design.

    A little bit about us:

    “Original, playful and interesting” are the words we at _Fjeldborg Design like to use to describe our products. The focus is on utilization of materials and designing products from the bottom up. Instead of creating structure around functional elements, emphasis is placed on integrating the functional aspects into the actual design structure.
    By designing, producing, assembling and packaging our own products we are able to deliver quality products at a much lower price. All the products are made in Denmark and assembled by hand.

    If our company and products are of any interest to you, we could send you more information about us and our products.

    You can also check us out at

    Thank you for taking the time,
    Fjeldborg Design

  117. Hello,

    My name is Hyun-Kyung Ryu, an editor for beyond magazine which is a Korean Air’s in-flight magazine.
    Beyond is preparing a featured article about “The Remarkable App & Web List in the World” on our October issue. And I would like to write about “bumbumbum” for one part of our featured article. I am especially interested in your blog and I think it will be very useful to beyond’s readers. So, I would like to take this chance to introduce them to our readers.
    For this, I need simple information of your blog and high quality images(as much as possible). Could you Please send it to me? It will be very helpful.
    Please reply me as soon as possible.

    Best Regards,
    Hyun-Kyung Ryu

  118. I miss your blog.

  119. Hi Cecilie , take a look at these inspiring posters

  120. Hi Cecile

    Since 2003 I’m working on a project called Gruesli. Gruesli are one-of-a-kind handmade dolls. I recently reached nr.1000 and made a new website. Check it out:, maybe you like it and can consider to post something about it.

    Thanks you for your time!

  121. Hi Cecilie! I absolutely love your blog. The art you showcase is incredible!! I thought you might find my site, The Featured Creature, interesting as well – I feature strange and really interesting animals every day! I thought it might inspire you a bit, seeing what nature can do. (woops forgot the link haha

    Thanks for all of your hard work!


  122. Hi!

    please, have a look at my artworks: handmade art with old cassettes!


    Benoit Jammes.

  123. Kære Cecilie,

    Mit navn er Trine og jeg er PR ansvarlig for Finders Keepers. Jeg vil meget gerne i kontakt med dig. Har du en privat email jeg kan skrive til? Du kan få fat på min på ovenstående mailadresse. På forhånd mange tak :)

  124. Hi Cecilie,
    Here si the latest Music Video from “Los Hermanos McKenzie”
    An Argentinean indie band that is gaining more and more attention.
    Feel free to share it online and promote the video, the band and I will very much appreciate it.

    Lucas Shannon

    PS: Press info is available

  125. hey where can i buy the sneakers? can u please tell me what does it cost for one pair of it

  126. Please watch the video I directed for new Los Angeles rock musician Davis Fetter

    Also check out my website for some more of my designs

    Thanks so much! Would love a feature!!

  127. Hi Cecile,

    I’d like to introduce you the next big thing.

    Exit Rubik’s Cube, enter INSIDE³

    INSIDE³ is a 3D maze with a cool design. It’s an innovative game you play blind, without seeing the ball inside.

    To make you an idea, see our official website and our crowdfunding site

    We obtained support from french media (press paper and french TV, …) and blogs. We ‘d like now to be known by others countries.

    So, could you relay our crowdfunding project on your blog, please ? You can find more informations here :

    Ask if you need more information

    Best regards


  128. Hello,
    If you like Rock’n’roll and illustration, this website is for you !

    Happy new year
    Marc Antoine Herrmann

  129. Come back!!!! I desperately miss your musings. So few good art blogs. Yours was a daily for me.

  130. Hi Cecile,

    I really like your blog and wanted to let you know about a new project that may be useful and interesting to you. ArtStack is a new way to discover, share and remember art – you can check it out by clicking on this invitation link:

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