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How To Get Your Ex Back If She Likes Someone Else

bly breathtaking

essay writing tips

photo series

by Steve Lyon for Treats! Magazine. Love the film noir/burlesque look.” alt=”” width=”600″ height=”758″ />

How To Get Your Ex Back If She Likes Someone Else

Via Janikke Viveka



  1. I love these!!

  2. Cool!

  3. They look like whacked out demons.

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  5. I’d hit it

  6. Somebody give these girls a sandwich!!! Other than that, great concept

  7. Tacky.

  8. helmut newton much?

  9. I like the one’s where they’re naked..

  10. All these girls look like drugged up sex crime victims. Do you honestly think that looks good?

  11. I think they tell a story and set a scene. Yeah I really do think they look good! : )

  12. Totally Helmut Newton ripoffs

  13. these are no “ripoffs” of helmut. helmut focused on the subject in the picture (usually women) and set up a scene with them. the light focuses heavily on the women. the environment is show but not accentuated. In lyons photos, the environment becomes just as, if not more important than the women pictured. notice the small amount of bright light landing upon the subjects, whereas the environments are eye catching and well lit. definitely not ripoffs, just similar subject matter. and no one can lay claim to a subject