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We Are All Part of the Same Thing


Australian artist Dominique Falla

created this fantastic thread and nail poster as an entry for this year’s Positive Posters competition. It”s beautiful and wh

o doesn”t love rainbow colors?

“For too long, people have viewed themselves as separate and I

wanted to represent a multitude of individuals using the nails, and then coloured string to show how we are all interconnected, and that together, we can

make something beautiful.”

Via Colossal


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  2. Beautiful. The simplicity of the thread wrapping around the nails (individuals) and the crisscrossing of the thread (a line too complex to follow) and the flowing colour – great great metaphor!

  3. This is quite a yarn!

  4. Wow!

  5. amazingggg <3

  6. Nothing says more about the beauty and sanctity of art than a bad pun^

  7. This is just stunning.

  8. Color combination is beautifull. Maybe these colors represents of all humaniy

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