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Gabi Rivett | The Lying Down Game


“The Lying Down Game” photo series had me smiling all the way through. The series is actually an album on Gabi Rivett“s Facebook site, but unfortunately the link viagra uk is a dead end. But that doesn”t mess with the fact that this is one awesome


Gabi Rivett is from Melbourne and you must check out Gabi”s tumblr here.



  1. Lying Down Game ?!

    It’s called “Planking”

  2. I remember Ellen Page used to post photos of her and her friends ‘lying around’ on her facebook page. That must have been around January. Maybe she’s of help to find out where it actually comes from.

  3. Hi! We call it “planking” in Australia. It’s a massive fad with many posting photos of themselves “planking” on social media sites. Unfortunately someone died falling off a balcony in Brisbane so it’s taken the edge of it a bit….

  4. the lying down game? have you been in a cave, orrr…

  5. Wow a bunch of private school girls planking, about the most unoriginal thing on the internet.

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