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Anamorphic Typography by Joseph Egan


Joseph Egan created this

extremely cool and eye-cathing “Anamorphic Typography” installation together with some of his fellow students from Chelsea College of Art & Design. Their inspiration came from Felice Varini, who is a master when it comes to the the process of anamorphosis.

“Our work encourages the viewer to walk into and around typography, an immersive experience considering that their usual relationship with type would normally be realised canada drugstores americans viagra border on a two dimensional surface be it printed or computerised. Being able to appreciate it physically painted onto walls of buildings which the viewers are used to interacting with every day draws attention to the beauty of typography and at same time highlighting the architectural forms that it adorns.”

Via acidolatte



  1. Wow, crazy!

  2. Oh yeah… love this stuff… I remember seeing my first one in a POST OFFICE in Amsterdam in the 80s. Them Dutch are COOL!
    Inspired me to do my own…


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  5. So cool!

  6. Looks like fun. It would be interesting to see how technically difficult it would be to color mix specific to the lighting on the individual elements so that the design visually looks like a uniform color when seen from the single vantage.

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