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Poster Design by Metric72


Spanish graphic designer Metric72 has got one solid talent when

it comes to making awesome posters. Wow!

Via Flyer Design Goodness


  1. LOVE – LOVE THESE. Awesome style and colors!!!

  2. […] via:bumbumbum […]

  3. Hi, I´m Metric72.

    Could you please put the designs to the exact size please? I appreciate the support, but I hate to see my designs pixelated.

    You can grab them from my DeviantArt account.

    To keep the column width you can add a blank space to the image until it reaches the fixed width ….. or I can prepare the images.

    Thanks again and best regards!

  4. Hi Metric72
    Updated now : )

  5. Thanks so much!

  6. AMAZING! This is so inspiring.

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