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High Speed Photos by Alan Sailer


I had a great  time going throug Alan Sailer’s enormous set of High Speed price celebrex photos. So fascinating!

Alan Sailer is a photographer and engineer living in Camarillo, USA.

Via Buamai


  1. Truely amazing photos. How much does a low-end high speed camera cost? if such exsists.


  2. Second one down from the top would make a great album cover – also check out the phantom flex camera btw

  3. Jones, if you check out his Flickr stream, he talks about the equipment he uses. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen it mentioned, but I do believe he uses a Nikon D40 for most of his shots. Not exactly a high-priced camera that you’re imagining. I think it’s more to do w/ flash and timing/triggering than anything else.

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