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Room Drawing by Yosuke Goda


Incredible room drawing by Japanese artist Yosuke Goda.

It reminds me Viagra on line canada of the work of Heike Weber, which is also quite breathtaking.



  1. simply wow, amazing work!

  2. Whoa, that is really cool abstract design. Would love that in my house.

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  4. I can see her leg hair from here

  5. Looks like her very own KUDZU -

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  7. wow this is the coolest thing ever if i was a better drawer i would try something like that but start out slow and go with like a coffee mug or something.

  8. Very intriguing. I think it adds to the pondering that it is in black and white. I like it, it is consuming but not threatening. The fourth image reminds me of the bathing Stink Spirit in Spirited Away, but less dirty. Both are mysterious and happy at the same time, to me at least.

  9. Stunning! That is so difficult to do.

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