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Dear blank, please blank | Letterpress


Dear blank, please blank is quite the funny website where you can anonymously get all your frustrations, bad experiences or just everyday thoughts out in the open.

Now Dear blank, please blank has teamed up with the Sapling Press to make these funny and beautiful letterpress. Buy 'em on Etsy here.


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  1. Dear springtime,

    I can hardly expect that, finally, you are there.

  2. Dear Egg,

    I beat you here.

    The Chicken

  3. Dear Sun,

    Sorry to tell, but it’s your turn to do overtime now.

    The Moon

  4. Haha. Good one!

  5. […] of them over here and you can order the cards here. They are inspired by the website Dear Blank, Please Blank. […]

  6. Excellent. Neat. Thanks 4 sharing!

  7. Dear Jews,

    We know how you feel.

    from, Burnt pizza

  8. Dear Asians

    thanks for demoting us

    Sincerely everyone else who plays starcraft 2

  9. dear Rift

    you suck

    from WoW

  10. Dear teachers (like Mr. Lewinter)

    if you really give a shit about the environment you wouldnt waste trees on paper for homework.

    Sincerely Eco-Warriors

  11. Dear Life,
    When you give me lemons, I curse you for forgetting the sugar and water.
    Sincerely, What am I supposed to do with lemons

  12. Dear raisins,

    please get out of my cookies.

    Sincerely, i thought you were chocolate chips.

  13. Dear Toddlers and Tiaras,

    eyeliner? really?

    Sincerely, they’re only three.

  14. Getting old…

    From, NBC

  15. hi

  16. Dear poop
    WTF IS THIS??????

    Not colorblind