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Matta | Release the Freq


Absolutely outstanding visuals are what makes this new video from titled “Release the Freq”. Love the deers, love the colors, love the lines.

Directed by Kim Holm.

Via Laurajul


  1. […] den Farben der Bilder, macht >Release The Freq<, das von Kim Holm gedrehte, neue Video von Matta zu einem gelungenen Hingucker. Was den Sound betrifft, hab ich noch keine Meinung, aber so im […]

  2. […] cerfs, le traitement de l’image, les couleurs, les graphiques… Chapeau. Musique par Matta. Vidéo par Kim […]

  3. Wow. This video is wonderful ! The info-graphic layer on the deers herd, plus the colorful image processing… love it.

    And bravo for your blog, always new interesting stuff !
    We have the same tastes for art and design I guess… I post some of your stuff from time to time on my blog.

  4. Hi Marianna

    Yeah. I’ve seen that we have the same taste. You also have a great blog!


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