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Photo Opportunities by Corinne Vionnet


Although these pictures are art in itself, it’s how they are made that’s remarkable.

Swiss photographer Corinne Vionnet’s artworks are made by combining hundreds of tourist photos into one. After searching and sifting through photo sharing sites, Corinne carefully layers 200 to 300 photos on top of one another until she gets her desired result.

Taj Mahal, India.

Saint Basil’s Cathedral, Moscow.

Tiananmen Square, Beijing, China.

La Alhambra, Granada.

Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

Mount Fuji, Japan.

World Trade Center, New York.

Kinderdijk, Holland.

Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany.

Via My Modern Met


  1. How many sights does London have? Few, according to Corinne, just like many other places. Travel is discover, but in the Photography we see Conformity in the Emotions….. Why? People are driven by confomism? Or it is simply the best angle for a shoot? Find more picture:

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