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Back to the Future by Irina Werning


I am LOVING Irina Werning‘s brilliant photo series ‘Back To The Future’. What a cool idea! And it’s good that this is an ongoing series, because I could keep looking and looking with fascination.

Irina Werning is a photographer born, and currently living in Buenos Aires.

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  2. great!

  3. rip off of ze frank’s

  4. … or inspired by? I see the resemblance, but Irina definitely sets the bar way heigher.

  5. I have to agree, this is a rip off. What’s the difference? She takes the photographs professionally. That’s technical skill, but not creativity. The creative part was all Ze Frank.

  6. I just came here to say the same that has been said, zefrank’s sorry if she just happened to do this without prior knowlege but it was already done…
    “youngme nowme”

  7. i have to disagree wholeheartedly with the posters claiming “ripoff”

    1) all art is appropriative
    2) ze frank’s photos are a series based on a nice idea with little execution. the irina may be inspired by them, but she takes it a step further by ensuring accuracy to the original photo. the difference is clear in the finished product. some of ze frank’s stuff looks like it could just be two random people in similar-ish poses in two photos placed juxtaposed. here, it’s clear that time has been warped in the moment these photos were taken.

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  9. This is amazing! Its fun imagining what my childhood pictures would look like! Thanks for sharing!

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