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Conrad Roset | Illustrator


Conrad Roset makes the most gorgeous watercolor illustrations. And the – what might seem – random splash of color just gives it that finishing touch.

Conrad Roset is a 26 years old illustrator from Barcelona, Spain.

Via mood proekt


  1. Really nice art!

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  3. Beautiful. <3

  4. maybe it’s because i just finished reading a zombie comic, but they all look like zombies, fresh from a kill

  5. fucking gorgeous

  6. Nipple fetish?

  7. Very good. just wonderin why they’re all naked, for the most part.

  8. Nice use of color blends. The last picture is the best. You are blessed to be so creative-Praise God!

  9. I really love you art, its freaking amazing. You did a REALLY good job :)

  10. You seem to be obsessed with nipples.

  11. Just what the world needs… more tits on internet…

  12. This reminds me of Egon Schiele, although less flagrantly sexual. Anyway, I like it :)

  13. third one’s the hottest :)

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  17. I’ve never seen like this before, the style I love!!!

  18. These are amazing.

  19. The first picture inspires me to the soul, honestly I am so amazed at the feeling I get. It’s like looking at a painting of my soul.

  20. i’m sorry, but i cannot consider this at all unique or inspiring.

  21. I think this is really interesthing work, but it also seem like its missing something, anyways i think you did a great job.

  22. Great figurative work–nice line. Really bad at drawing animals…

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