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Willi Dorner | Bodies in Urban Space


‘Bodies in Urban Space’ is a pretty impressing moving human installation by Willi Dorner. It consists of choreographed dancers and the gravity-unawhere project has been ongoing since it’s first “show” in Paris in 2007.

Willi Dorner is the man behind the company Cie, which was founded in 1999. Willi tours with international dance perfomances and besides that he is keen on creating events that give the audience the opportunity for new experiences, insights and a different perception of every day’s life.

Via Arte


  1. Wahou thank you for sharing this !
    It’s also look like a kind of street art ! It’s really good !

    I just found your page and i already like it !


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  3. Hi Johanna. You’re welcome :-) And glad to hear you like my blog. Means a lot!

  4. Bryan Derballa took these. Awesome colors.

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