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Swissair | Poster Collection

5 comments... » has a very impressive collection of Swissair’s marketing material including posters, ads, flyers and commercials. I really love the work between ca. 1950s to 70s. The simplicity of an image, the Swissair name and the logo as the only elements is what makes these posters standout.

This extensive Swissair collection is all done by the hand of one man (Patrick), and is in no way affiliated with Swissair.



  1. one day Swissair you and I will meet again, invaluable posters

  2. I would like to find someone who collects Swiss Air things, like air tickets, cutlery from Swiss Air and so on.

  3. I’m looking for a good picture of a Swissair pilot’s cap device from the 1978 uniform design. Can’t make out any detail in photos I’ve seen.

  4. Hello
    Emanuel Cohen mention Swissair on his interview **

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