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Richard Prince | Cowboys and Girlfriends

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‘Cowboys and Girlfriends’ (1992) is an outstanding photo series by American painter and photographer Richard Prince. I love everything about these photos – the colors, the feel of texture and the overall coolness.

In this series Prince has combined two larger series of photographs he made in the 80s. The archetypal cowboy images, though cropped, are reproduced facsimiles of originals from the Marlboro advertisements. The artist began rephotographing them after the company became the target of an antismoking campaign and was forced to stop using its famous model, the Marlboro Man. In Prince’s rendition, this “true American” is ironically turned from a hero into a survivor. The Girlfriends pictures in this series are borrowed from ads placed by women in biker magazines.

Via Color Cubic

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  1. simply, very cool

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