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Sketchbooks by Mattias Adolfsson


Mattias Adolfsson‘s fascinating sketchbooks are literally stuffed with highly detailed illustrations. He has an impressive work volume in his portfolio, and whats even more impressive is his imagination. I would love to see inside Mattias’s head.

Mattias Adolfsson is a freelance illustrator living in Sweden with his wife and two daughters.

Via Ape On The Moon


  1. Mattias’s work is astonishing, he’s been a favourite of mine for ages! I don’t understand why he is such a well-kept secret!!

  2. I’m surprised that I just recently discovered Mattias. But what an amazing discovery. Instant fave!

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  4. Super inspiring as always…
    Check out Helle Vibeke…
    Strange things going on in her head too.

  5. Thank you :-) And yes there is certainly strange things in Helle’s head ;-)

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