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Alva Bernadine | Erotic Photographer


‘Karla‘ is the name of this outstanding erotic photo series by Alva Bernadine. Bernading found Karla through a publisher who had spotted her at a club. “She was shy about nudity at first but having taken off her clothes took to it quite naturally.”

Alva Bernadine was born in Genada, West Indies and his lived in Britain since the age of six. His interest in photography began at the age of 21. Armed with a lot of Cokin filters he would go around London taking pictures of the tourist spots using colour filters and double exposure. The following year he started producing his present style.



  1. Beautiful work, lovely sense of perspective!

  2. I can see from your own work, Nora, why you would like Alva Bernadine’s work : )

  3. Beautiful Photography, I love your work in B/W
    your models are natural,no hollywood girls….
    your settings are simple.
    Great Erotica.

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