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Portraits by Lola Dupré


Queen of weird and at the same time brilliant collages, Lola Dupré, has an awesome collection of portraits in her portfolio.

Glascow-based artist Lola Dupré makes all her collages by hand, with paper and scissors. Time-consuming work!

Kim Jong-Il

Abraham Lincoln

Margaret Thatcher

Buster Keaton

Pope Benedict XVI

Prince Charles

Queen Elizabeth II

Via Melissa Dixson


  1. For pokker, hvor er det dog godt lavet! ö

  2. Looking for images of Kim Jong-il and came upon the lovely portrait by Lola Dupré. I like her technique so much, I might borrow it. Nice collection of works here. I’m going to take a better look now. EM / PARIS

  3. Im glad my mind doesnt work like that- thats just creepy

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