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French Connection | Man Should Be Brave


French Connections new and very different ad campaign is just up my alley. The overall look and execution is so good, that the sillyness of the ads turns into something cool.

Made by Fallon, London, United Kingdom.

Via I Believe in Advertising


  1. Så Cool!!

  2. Det synes jeg nemlig også. Lækkert lavet.

  3. Ja og Man really should be brave

  4. This campaign isn’t that new, it’s from the beginning of 2010.
    And the idea / look isn’t fresh either. It’s actually Danish:

  5. Thanks for the heads up, Peter. I do know the article is not BRAND new as in released yesterday, but it’s still their newest and still running look/campaign.

    And I guess it’s a matter of taste if you don’t think the look is not fresh. I simply said/thought the overall look was great.

    And thanks for the link. It just proves that it’s one in a million ideas that’s actual original.

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