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Yanko Tsvetkov | Mapping Stereotypes


I love the humor in these stereotyped maps by London-based graphic designer Yanko Tsvetkov.

Mapping Stereotypes as the project is called, was made for an editorial in Süddeutsche Zeitung, June 2009. (Click images to view large-scale versions).

Europe where Yanko Tsvetkov lives

Europe According to USA

Europe According to France

Europe According to Germany

Europe According to Italy

Europe According to Bulgaria

Europe According to Britain

Europe According to Gay Men

Via Fubiz


  1. Awesome! I really like the Europe according to France “wasn’t this in Russia?” and “noisy hairy people” :D funny

  2. I know. It’s a lot of fun. Hey and btw, I checked out your blog and you just got your self a new reader :-)

  3. Great big fun!

  4. Nice. Why is Denmark listed as being “cool” on the Gay Mens Map? :-)

  5. I think we are very cool on the gay-front in the eyes of other countries. Maybe the free porn and Christiania has something to do with it?

  6. But we have youtube in Turkey.. :(

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