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Richard Renaldi | Touching Strangers


Touching Strangers is a brilliant on-going photo series by Richard Renaldi.

Complete strangers are asked to pose together with the stipulation that they must touch each other in some manner.

Ganar Dinero Mientras Duermes – De Alex Berezowsky

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Ganar Dinero Mientras Duermes – De Alex Berezowsky


  1. This makes for some intriguing pictures but I’m ambivalent at the weirdness of touching strangers.

  2. That second to last one is at La Bonbonniere, a nice unsung place to get a hamburger on 8th Avenue in New York.

  3. I love the one with the bride. Did the photographer and the guy walk around looking for a wedding to crash?

  4. It’s sad I think that it feels as photoshopped as it looks. Wish people could all be respectful & secure enough to actually do some of what is depicted or real.

  5. You can really feel that awkwardness in all of these pictures.

  6. What an interesting concept…

  7. Why did no one go for high-fives? That would be my first thought. No awkward thigh-touching.

  8. I sort of cried I loved this so much? Mostly at the later ones.

  9. Original BUT creepy.

  10. Interesting looking at the dynamics. Hands tell a lot. Some people are moderately comfortable, and others less so. Neat experiment!

  11. I love the Tom of Finland Tee shirt in the 2nd pic

  12. Love the tom of Finland Tee shirt in frame 2

  13. I can see the awkwardness between some of the pairs. I like the concept of basing a series of photographs or one’s artwork on that idea of body contact between strangers.
    I’m also a little surprised by how much contact some pairs share, like the cook in the red hat, in a diner (?) with a male customer that might be gay. Interesting.

  14. 2nd pic = hoverhand

  15. I am not at all ambivalent. Beautiful. Simply beautiful.

    If we were not so wary of touching strangers, we might find that fewer of our fellow members of humanity would actually be strangers.

    Sweet concept, wonderful execution. Thank you for brightening my day.

  16. this totally creeped me out knowing they were strangers.. very uncomfortable.. the intimacy of the poses for one thing and how different the people seemed from eachother.. pretty damn brave on their part

  17. Is it just me, or do the women overall seem to be slightly more comfortable than the men?

  18. This is a great idea. Insert half-formed, mostly stolen notion of modern society creating personal, shut-off worlds where this sort of thing would never happen here. Particularly like the shirtless big dude with the lady on the bench. Looks like they might have hung out together for a while afterwards, something about the intimacy of the pose. And the bride. That’s just kickass.

  19. I’ve just started on the 100 Strangers project and I LOVE THIS idea. The photos are so unique and genuine and……well I just love them.

  20. Green wall photo rules, I enjoy the uncomfort, is it clean clothes dirty, Blue collar White, or cultural/ racial ?

  21. It’s a little upsetting that people are so comfortable with touching strangers. They’re not going to hurt you, you’re not going to catch a disease, so what is there to fear?

  22. I like how that one guy is too shy to touch the really pretty girl.