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McDermott & McGough | Artists

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David McDermott & Peter McGough explore different periods, in their way of life as well as in their art. For over 30 years, the art duo have been living as though it’s the end of the 19th century. From a townhouse in the East Village they created their art by candlelight, lived without modern appliances and traveled through Manhattan on horseback complete with top hats and the finest couture from nearly a century ago.

Their inspiration may perhaps be found in their recent paintings, which copy the iconography of the Hollywood films noirs and the comics of the 1960’s.

NOW AFTER ALL THOSE THINGS YOU TOLD ME. 2006 (1965). oil on linen

AFTER THE TEARDROPS START. 2009 (1966). oil on linen
I LIVED FOR AN HOUR. 2008 (1967). oil on linen

SOMETHING I’VE NEVER HAD. 2008 (1967). Oil on linen

I CRIED FOR YOU. 2008 (1967). oil on linen

I WANT YOU SO, 1966. 2008. Oil on linen

NO TOMORROWS FOR THIS HEART OF MINE, 1966. 2008. Oil on linen

MY HAPPINESS IS MISERY, 1966. 2008. Oil on linen

Via We Find Wildness and Revil in New York.

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