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Lee Price | Realistic Oil Paintings


Yes, these are real paintings.

All though these amazing pieces of art might look like photographs, they are actually outstanding realistic oil paintings. Made by the American figurative painter Lee Price.

Love the food theme!

Via Recave


  1. Why are they eating in the bath tub,and in the bath room ?

  2. I think it shows our little moments of sweet indulgence. My favorite is the watermelon one. It looks exactly like something I would do.

  3. these are amazing

  4. Because this man is sick.

  5. these people have a serious case of the munchies but the paintings are excellent. the watermelon i think is the best

  6. Technically brilliant… subject matter is a lot to be desired

  7. I really like the Doughnuts one. And the Chocolate Cake. These are very inspiring.

  8. maybe he’s getting across the subject of eating disorders. Eating a ton of unhealthy food in private only to vomit it up later.

  9. These paintings are amazing. The quality of painting and level of detail are just perfect, without the viewer forgetting it is indeed a painting and not a photograph they are viewing. It’s something I think a lot of women can sympathize with, whether they’ve done these things or not. What’s better than being in a hot bath, naked, and with some fantastic food?? My favorite is the girl sitting behind the door eating the potato chips. Keep up the awesome work!

  10. I love the pictures! Secretly eating in the bathroom looks like a good relief. These women look so happy

  11. La pintura impresionantemente natural tiene un dejo a fotografía… pero alabo la calidad del mensaje, lo sugestivo, lo indulgente de los momentos privados en los que somos como somos, al desnudo, libres, fieles a nosotros mismos.


  12. Words cannot express how tired I am of seeing boobs. Every damn painting. Awkward floppy things. All the time. Everywhere.

  13. Um…I think you’re seriously disturbed. Nude women in the bath tub eating?? No…

  14. I think a lot of people are missing the point. I agree with Jess, I’m not sure if it’s necessarily about eating disorders but may also be about the shame women feel about indulging and sexuality and about how many women feel that they have to hide or be ashamed of pleasure.

  15. i feel like he might have a camera hanging above a bathtub somewhere…

  16. obviously a skilled painter, but if you have the ability to paint at a photo realism level, why bother painting something you can actually take a photo of? i mean, are you going to take the time to look at these because they are interesting or because you know they are paintings?

  17. No, no. There are different forms of art.. Painting, photography, sketching, sculpting, etc. If this artist enjoys oil painting (and my goodness, be amazing at it!), then let the artist continue. Do not put his artwork down. We cannot just make a specific artform nonexistent because taking a “photo” would be easier. I mean, he may not receive the same amount of joy from photography as he does from painting.

    Art, or any type of activity an individual takes on, isn’t about being easy, it is about passion.. motivation.. pleasure. Don’t just look on the outside of the box.

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  19. I think he was shedding light on the fact that some of us (unfortunately) may feel ashamed for what we do, hence best to hide it. I like the sentiment as well as the talent.

  20. Don’t like the nudity, but the point of view is great. Also the detail is awesome. Food theme is cool, too. I like how the painter put all perspectives from up high, looking down. Boobs? Ehh.. I’d like the paintings better without. But hey can’t win em all right?

  21. I dont think its sick. I dont think it’s about an eating disorder. I dont think it’s pronography. Maybe it’s life and the little things we wrap and hide inside of it. This is talent because he’s made us all think atleast SOMETHING.

  22. i can’t believe these arent pictures! thats incredible!

  23. I think that those of you who are to focused on the nudity in the art obviously are naive. From the earliest days of painting there have been nudes. The reason is to show the true form of humanity. Showing a nude women indulging is the same thing. It is showing human nature in it’s most real aspect. If you can’t look past the nudity to see the amazing work of the artist then you have no business putting this individual down. When was the last time you did something as real as this?

  24. Even though these are terribly brilliant paintings, they are a little bit too weird for my taste.

  25. I personally love these works. Yes, maybe some people are sensitive to nudity, but if it bothers you…stop looking. There is obvious talent here, and the message he’s trying to send, (whether it’s about eating disorders or personal pleasure/indulgence) is a strong one, and everyone should be able to at least respect it.

  26. Art at its best can not only be an emotional trigger, but help us to perceive and think about the rights/wrongs of our culture. The woman in the robe eating at the table is just as “exposed” as the naked girls in the bathtubs. Some ladies are eating in healthy ways and some are not, so I don’t think it’s only about eating disorders. These could represent our society’s judgements of how women eat…and possible questions if it’s any of our business.

  27. First of all, Lee Price is a woman, many of these are self-portraits. Also, if you’re going to look at art, get used to nudity. It’s always been a part of art, and it always will be. I personally love these paintings, there’s an intimacy to them, but it’s a strange intimacy, and also a loneliness. Beautiful.

  28. realistic paintings are so boring to look at. why would anyone care to look at these?

  29. Looks to me like its not a food theme, rather a bulimic theme. The presence of the subjects in bathrooms make the intention obvious.

  30. these never struck me as weird. eating ice cream in the bath tub when you’re upset seems like a fantastic idea. i think @affexion’s statement was extremely insightful…i never would have seen that, but it seems like you’ve hit the nail on the head with that. :)
    as for the nudity…while i am not really a fan, i think it works for this. eating, bathing, sleeping, relaxing can all be very intimate things, just like being naked. and yeah, while it can be awkward, it fits here.

  31. The artist has talent but why would he want to do some boring scenes like these. He could do magnificent feats with his talent.

  32. Just what the world needs… More tits on the internet.

  33. The artist is the woman in most of the paintings. These are self portraits. This series is a commentary on the way women are shamed about eating and enjoying food.

  34. Shelby is exactly on point.She is expressing how shamed women feel about indulging, and are therefore shamed into eating alone, in their bathrooms. Also lizzie’s idea of the intimacy factor is great. I just don’t see why there has to be negative feedback.

  35. Art has nudity. Don’t be stupid. Art is about embracing the natural form, and if you have a problem with nudity, then what business do you have looking at art? Beyond that, suggesting that the artist is disturbed because the subject matter is naked and eating, is soooo dumb! Not only because the artist is a woman, and most of these are self portraits, but even if it was a man, naked women eating doesn’t mean that the artist would be sexually disturbed.

  36. Some of you people sound like the biggest morons on the planet. Art isn’t about pretty pictures it about conveying emotion and she’s obviously struck a nerve with some of you prudish assholes who cant take the human form beautifully depicted. Who cares why she painted women eating in the bathroom. Maybe women and food are her two favorite things. Maybe she was looking for an interesting theme for a series and and decided this was it. Maybe she has 6 bulemic sisters. Maybe these are self portraits daring us to judge the artist’s private moments from the lofty heights that you people seem to think your opinions come from. Who cares? The images are beautiful and I wish I had one in my home.

  37. well executed, but drivel. Anyone who reads profundity into “women hiding their shame at eating ice cream” is really reaching.

  38. Everyones a critic. I think these are amazing in their entirety. Most impressed.

  39. Are.. V.g.n.s… really that up there????

  40. Art is intended to evoke reaction, spur emotions, etc… from the comments that I see here, this artist has apparently succeeded really well.
    Just because it isn’t what you would paint, just because you don’t necessarily relate, just because you don’t understand it doesn’t make it bad art, obsessive, sick, disturbed or anything else. As for those of you who made all the comments about breasts and boobs, my question to you would be “why that particular reaction to breasts?” sounds like you’re the one with the issue, not the artist. I did notice that no one commented on all the naked feet or all the naked hands.
    One of the things that I love most about art is how it separates the open-minded from the ignorant.

  41. I love the realism he uses, but like the others have said, I’m thinking the top-view nudity was a bit gratuitous, especially the one woman eating ice cream.
    However, I personally like the one with the chocolate cake and the watermelon. I feel the first is more realistically represented figure-wise.

  42. For all the negative comments, I applaud you, for being naive and insensitive to the reality that is the human condition. Obviously you walk blindly throughout life, ignoring the beauty and pleasures life has to offer us, ART being one of them. Lee has created her own visual language and theme here because SHE CAN, what you or anyone could interpret is not necessarily HER intention, SO who cares what you think about it, why can’t yall at least appreciate talent for what it is?

  43. These paintings are amazing and when I saw them I became so excited that I am not the only person who has thought of this. I eat in the bath tub and my boyfriend has always thought it was weird. My thing is apples and caramel. It just feels right to me. Don’t be so quick to judge, everyone has weird habits.

  44. Why are people hating on boobs? They’re parts of the body. The have biological function. It’s the same as hating hands or ankles. Is it because they’re ashamed?

  45. Saying you are tired of seeing boobs in paintings is like saying you are tired of seeing eyes, ears, noses, feet, etc. Human anatomy is there for an artist to do what they will. You can’t deny them use of one piece because the majority of people are choosing to expose it. These paintings are wonderful and extremely realistic. Don’t knock that either.

  46. The sleeping woman with the watermelon looks a little like Sigourney Weaver to me.

  47. I would just love to mention that “he” is a she.

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