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Watercolor Paintings by Mark McHaley


Amazing watercolor paintings by Mark McHaley.

I love that Mark uses the beautiful and airy watercolors to paint such nerdy themes as Indiana Jones, Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings.

Via Design You Trust


  1. Wonderful use of watercolour, I love how vibrant the colours are and how they react with other shades.

  2. These are quite good. I very much enjoyed the Edward Scissor Hands painting.

  3. its a shame he’ll rather paint false happenings then real life

  4. those are just too cool, incredible even

  5. Another wonderfully talented artist! His coloring, in addition to his draftsmanship is very rich!

  6. I’m using the Edward for my iPods background. It’s awesome, thank you.

    Love this work by the way.

  7. Breath taking! Mark’s paintings are beautifully rendered and the touch of his brush is delicious!

  8. Really nice. I like this a lot.

  9. great draftsmanship. would love to see some original content.

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