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Pablo Lobato | Illustrator


Argentinian illustrator Pablo Lobato really knows how to work those graphic lines in his amazing illustrations. It’s so impressing that you can easily recognize the famous characters, even though they are almost only lines and boxes.

Visit Pablo’s Flickr stream here and see more of his brilliant work.

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  1. I love these illustrations especially the Prince one. Amazing how you can recognize instantly who is who.

  2. interesting work

  3. Nice. Badass. Amazing.

  4. you like reds, blues and blacks don’t you but love your work

  5. Absolutely Excellent. I especially ADORE the Red Hot Chili Peppers one. freaking cool !

  6. amazing work, new era

  7. Is the Oasis guy supposed to look like he’s been snorting coke?

  8. Thats Prince!?! I thought it was Jafar!

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  10. great designs haha !

  11. OMFG the jafar comment was hilarious… only because i thought the same thing. O:

  12. it is absolutely amazing how easy it is to determine the people in these works of abstract art

  13. Excellent work! I’m amazed at how recognizable all of these images are, especially when they are so abstractly different than the real thing.

  14. As a fellow artist i have to take my hat off, you’ve taken pablo picaso ‘s style and brogught it to a new age. I love this work and you can consider me your new fan, IDK why people begin by saying what you’ve done, you’re the artist , you know what you did and that whay you did is marvelous , congratulations on your develop vision and talent

  15. very lovely

  16. Picasso meets Warhol. fantastic.

  17. LOVE the jay z, and you can never go wrong with the chili peppers

  18. why all the blacks got big lips?
    i mean yeah its true but damn…everyones lips are red guy?

    think about it.

    (why’s someone always gotta talk about race right?)

  19. Really excellent work! Great use of color pallates to set the tone in each. Woody Allen is my fav, can’t wait to see what else you come up with!

  20. um, I think ya’ll are crazy. i can’t recognize ANYONE from these illustrations…. Is that the beatles?

  21. bravo !! excellent work..

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  23. Cubism Fail. Seriously, everyone. This is not real cubism.

  24. This is a very good post! Keep them comming!

  25. Awesome! i liked the way you transform artists into this cubism beautiful art great job!

  26. Doesnt matter to me if its real cubism or not, regardless of what its labeled as its still amazing.

  27. Awful- good IDEAS but just plain awful, a 5 year old could have done this! Makes me ashamed to be a illustrater and graphic design artist if this is the standard these days.

  28. all of them were excellent except the last one. wtfuck?

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