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Inspiration Pad by Marc Thomasset


The Inspiration Pad by Marc Thomasset is such a wonderful idea! That kind of thing that makes you wonder, why no one never thought of it before.

If you feel inspired, you can buy the Inspiration Pad here.


  1. […] einem bumbumbum Blog, wo es Hefte zu sehen gibt, deren Linienführung abgeändert wurde, aus karriert oder liniert entstehen dann […]

  2. Someone did think of this before, but he was a spanish artist, so I guess it doesn’t really count.

    I’ve also seen the same thing hanging on my high school math teacher’s wall.

  3. […] Office supplies are my dream. When I’m sad, I buy a notebook, the RIGHT notebook, and brandish my power at strangers. Because that’s what a notebook is, a weapon, an agent, a new unmarred universe of completed masterpieces in invisible ink, just waiting for an application of milk or lemon juice. But that generic college-ruled spacing is the worst. For when you want freedom but also lines, there’s Marc Thomasset, via Bumbumbum: […]

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