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Brooke Shaden | Photography


Absolutely breathtaking photos by Los Angeles-based photographer Brooke Shaden.

I can’t believe Brooke is only 23 years old. SO much talent!

Via Sweet Station


  1. Wow, very impressive work! I would like to see some “making of” photos of this.

  2. I think she has some ‘making of’ some of her photos in her Flickr stream. Find it via her site.

  3. Great post, this photography is gorgeous!

  4. […] Photos by Los Angeles-based photographer Brooke Shaden. (via bumbumbum) […]

  5. […] Photographs by Los-Angeles based BROOKE SHADEN. Shaden took up photography in 2008 and her goal is to make beautiful images of things that other find disturbing. She uses the female form (rarely showing faces in her photographs) to comment on female stereotyping. Brooke’s photography questions the definition of what it means to be alive. Many of her images deals with the beauty in sadness and suffering. Apparently, she does all of her photoshoots in her own 1 room appartment. Visit her flickr page to view more of her images. Via bumbumbum […]

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