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Richard Shilling | Land Artist


Richard Shilling is a sculptor, photographer and film maker working in the field of Land Art.

You can see more of his work and read all about what he gets up to on the photo sharing site Flickr on his blog.

Via acidolatte


  1. Wonderful and probably very inspired by the work of Andy Goldsworthy…

  2. *Love* this blog, thanks for spending the time!
    This post makes me queasy, though. I love being able to recognize examples of artists being inspired by other artists, but these are piece for piece ripoffs of Andy Goldsworthy.

    To the blogger: Can you cite AG as the originator of these works?
    To readers: Check out an Andy Goldsworthy book (rather than the web). He’s brilliant.
    To Richard Shilling: Please stop.

    If I rewrote Moby Dick should anyone read it?

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