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SLip | W3A – We Are All Animals


French artist SLip sent me these cool vintage-like prints which is from his latest project W3A – We Are All Animals.

“Wealth and diversity have been the inspiration for this series of visuals, where animals take our place to describe the absurdity of the world in which we live”.


  1. These are not vintage collages… They’re non-silver prints done in the Cyantope process. Learn what you’re posting.

  2. Hi Matthew. Thanks for the heads up. I actually got contacted by SLip himself, and I tried to read very carefully what W3A was all about. Unfortunately all his text is in french and therefore I tried to make the best of what I read on his site. So your comment is much appreciated and very helpfull.

    Hope this doesn’t keep you from coming back again.


  3. Hi

    He’s right .. It’s digital manipulations and i print then with cyanotype process. But it’s look like vintage collages, and that’s the goal


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