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Pornotapados by Paloma Blanco


Artist Paloma Blanco has painted over images from pornographic magazines, changing sexual situations into everyday scenes. The whole work is called ‘Pornotapados’ and has been published by Belleza Infinita using the same format, paper and layout as one would normally do with this kind of erotic publication.

Pornotapados-Paloma Blanco

Pornotapados-Paloma Blanco2

Pornotapados-Paloma Blanco3

Pornotapados-Paloma Blanco4

Pornotapados-Paloma Blanco5

Via What Alice Found


  1. reminds me of diesel ad:

  2. I know!

  3. Pornotapados was made years before the Diesel video and there are many similar ideas. mmm… Once again, the big publicity copies to the small artist.

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