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Sanna Annukka – Enchanting Illustrations


I am head over heels in love with these beautiful pieces by the half finnish half english illustrator Sanna Annukka.

She gets her inspiration from the finnish woods that she would use to play in as a child. It really is a lovely mix of folklore, nature and fairytales. Please give me more!

Autumn MaidenSummer MaidenWinter Maiden

Owl pairThe owl keeperShe has also done several album covers for the well-known english indie group Keane.

Via Fubiz


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  2. I think, in her works I see a half of Finland, Finnish culture and childhood memories of Finnish summers.
    I think her idea is to decorate life and world with beautiful patterns!

    Also I appreciate unique piece of furniture that you won’t see on the high street,
    but could be found in mydeco design boutique.

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